An Opening at the White Room Gallery

An Element Of Surprise

Artwork by Nikki Codis.

Whimsical images and metaphorical spaces are what viewers can expect at The White Room Gallery’s new show “Element of Surprise” in Bridgehampton.

The exhibit brings together surprising elements from three featured artists: Jackie Fuchs, Nicholas Down, and Nikki Codis.

Fuchs has been a part of the Hamptons artist community for over 30 years. In addition to being a well-known sculptor, she recently began to explore paints and collage. “It comes together like a puzzle for me,” she said about her process. “I never premeditate the work. Before I glue anything down, I arrange and create a scene.”

“My art has evolved in its expression for over 45 years,” said painter Down. His aim is to communicate a sense of timelessness and abstract beauty with his work. “Most recently, my paintings inhabit a metaphorical space, somewhere between the real and the imagined.”

“Color resonates in forms and spaces,” said Codis, a painter who was born and raised in Southampton. “The aspiration for volume has manifested coherently in my body of work. My connection to the work is the use of color and form. Vibrant neon colors on acrylic create a play with transparency, which allows light to transform the color through a contrasting lens.”

An opening reception will be held on Saturday from 5 to 7 PM. The show runs through April 29. For more information visit