Spring Chicken N’ Beer Dinner

Fare Pairs At Almond

Chef Jeremy Blustein

Throughout the month of April, The Independent will feature “Fare Pairs,” highlighting food and beverage combinations on the East End.

On Thursday at 7 PM, Almond Restaurant, located at 1 Ocean Road in Bridgehampton, will host a Spring Chicken N’ Beer Dinner, in collaboration with Iacono Farms and Port Jefferson Brewing Co. The six-course meal will be prepared by Executive Chef Jason Weiner, Chef de Cuisine Jeremy Blustein and guest chef Dane Sayles. It will pair local fare with local beer.

Iacono Farms, located on 100 Long Lane in East Hampton, offers up farm fresh eggs and free-range chickens, ideal for a spring menu.

The first course, matches a matzoh ball soup and Party Boat IPA. Second course will pair paté & galantine and Low Tide Black IPA. Being a chicken dinner, the third course includes a soft boiled egg with rendered chicken fat corresponding with Scooner Pale Ale. The fourth course, braised leg and meat in Tamales Adobo, and fifth,

Korean fried chicken, will each be paired with Beach Beer. For dessert, a dulce de leche pot de creme will be complemented by a Port Jeff Porter.

“It’s a celebration of [Iacono’s and Port Jefferson Brewing Co.’s] portfolio,” said Blustein. The meal will include every part of the chicken, he added.

“All beers have their own very identifiable flavor profiles, alcohol levels, and mouth feels. Pairing them with the food is exactly the same as with wine, you want them to get down together, not overpower one another,” the chef de cuisine noted.

The cost for the dinner is $65 per person. Contact Almond at 631-537-5665 or visit www.almondrestaurant.com for more information.