Guest-Worthy Recipe: Chef Steve Song

‘Ssam’ Pork Belly and Avocado Lettuce Pockets

Chef Steve Song

WHO: Chef Steve Song, Executive Chef of Noted Tribeca

INSTAGRAM: @NotedTribeca

CHEF SONG’S GUEST-WORTHY RECIPE: “Ssam” Pork Belly & Avocado Lettuce Pockets


“Traditional to a classic Ssam dish, Noted Tribeca’s Ssam are bite-sized to avoid spilling out the fillings and to offer friends, family, guests each a taste of the delicious Korean delicacy when together for a meal. It’s a traditional dish, but with some modern flare that makes for a unique addition to any get-together.”


4 pcs pork belly, slow cooked (cut into a bite size)

4 pcs butter lettuce leaves

1 Tbsp avocado puree

1 Tbsp soy garlic sauce

1/2 tsp fresh lemon juice

1/2 tsp pickled serrano pepper

1/2 tsp sliced scallion

Black pepper, watermelon radish


Slow cook pork belly and place each piece on top of avocado puree inside of a butter lettuce leaf.

Top with soy garlic sauce, fresh lemon juice, and pickled serrano pepper, and garnish with scallions and watermelon radish.