Kiss & Tell

The Beast And Beauty

Unleash your inner cougar

What if you took the time-honored tale of Beauty and the Beast and spun it on its tail? What if instead of Beauty taming the Beast, the Beast brought out the animal in Beauty?

Beauty has spent way too much time in pinafores studying correct table manners and talking to teapots. What if she wanted to throw on a romper and eat buffalo wings with her hands, slowly savoring hot sauce off perfectly manicured fingers?

It’s not a wonder that “cougar” is the term for a liberated woman with a younger man. He has the magical power to remind her of her primal animal nature and attraction.

Look at the respect we have for French President Macron and his lovely 24-years-his-senior wife Brigitte. Look at the “Sexiest Man Alive” Hugh Jackman, who is 13 years younger than his wife. Look at Harold and Maude. Even Lady was older than Tramp and that’s a lot in dog years. So why is this considered out of reach?

One matchmaker literally said of women, “We simply cannot take a client that has expectations of dating her own age or younger. Demi Moore didn’t pull it off, and let’s face it, most of us aren’t Demi Moore.” This wet blanket statement is beyond disheartening. I’m not saying that there isn’t truth to the age double standard but the problem is that a woman, Demi or semi-Demi, has a beautiful flame inside of her that is smothered by this thinking.

We have absolutely come as a culture to accept men dating vastly younger women to the point that “Daughter/Girlfriend?” is a popular game on the beach. Many women aren’t looking for a future father with stability and earning potential to protect her offspring as so many suggest is her innate biology, and older men don’t necessarily offer security anyway. She just wants to feel alive. She wants to awaken something that has laid dormant in herself because she has absorbed the cultural backlash that she is not youthful and therefore not attractive. And news alert, not every woman is looking for a relationship to be forever. Mr. Right Now can be hugely enticing and invite you to live in the moment.

So, I am telling you, my reluctant sexy soul sisters, go younger. Cue Led Zeppelin’s “In the Evening,” get your matching Cosabella, and take your hard-earned ballet barre/yoga/spin class/paddle boarding/boot camp/green juice drinking/maca supplement taking body and put it to good use.

Of course, we are smart, discerning women and there are limits. I did get seriously hit on by a handsome 26-year-old, which was flattering, but as I told him, it was beyond cougar into Tea & Sympathy territory. To prove my point, he was too young to understand the reference.

The great thing about dating younger men is the appreciation. The way they look at you, push the hair beyond your ear, listen to your experiences, are totally playful, can be surprisingly sweet and tender, make you hopeful again, see your youth you no longer acknowledge and reflect it back at you. And oh yeah . . . they are smoking hot and fit and can match you stride for stride. And don’t demean them as boy toys. Just because they’re younger doesn’t mean they are not chivalrous, interesting, or without worldly experience.

Because at the end of the story, instead of the Beast turning into a prince, you may find yourself, Beauty, with your long legs curled under you, deeply purring down to your soul as you gently lick your new patina of fur.