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Fall Fashion Forecast

Hamptons retailers unveil the prints to be seen in next season

This autumn’s style climate calls for a shower of side stripes, metallics, plaids, and stars. Camouflage and animal prints are making a comeback as well, with new updates that allow you to tap into your wild side in the chicest way possible. The Hamptons’ clothing shops are on top of the trends, and are ready to reveal what you should be sporting this fall.

Trend #1: Animal Print

Alice & Olivia

Zebra, cheetah, and leopard are back again this year — no apologies needed. Instead of solely sporting the trend for an occasional walk on the wild side, people are wearing animal-print pieces as part of their everyday wardrobes.

Sam Watts, a personal shopper at Alice & Olivia in Southampton, explained why the brand is featuring animal prints this fall: “Leopard and cheetah prints are bold, but they are base pieces that you shouldn’t be afraid of. Put a leather jacket over a leopard dress and you’re effortless, you’re cool. It’s the ultimate day-to-night print that can elevate your look.”

J.McLaughlin’s SVP/marketing, Glynis Karp noted that their Southampton and Bridgehampton stores are specifically capitalizing on cheetah. “Women don’t want to take themselves too seriously, and cheetah allows people to have fun with their clothing while still feeling pretty, elevated, and sophisticated,” Karp explained.

Trend #2: Camouflage

Despite its reputation for disguise, this trend will not make you blend into the crowd. As Sharon Kerr — the owner of fashion boutique Xanadu in Southampton — asserted, “Camo has always been big for us. People like it because we sell it in different tones. It’s not just green camo, it’s soft pinks with greys.”

Karp says that J.McLaughlin also is featuring a camo print this season, and sales have been nothing short of a huge success due to the store’s innovative take on it. “Camouflage came into the fashion world a long time ago and hasn’t really moved. That’s why we developed new versions of it. We printed the camo on jeans and cashmere, taking things that are familiar to the customer but adding a twist.”

At clothing boutique Mixology, college students have especially embraced the trend. “We have been selling camo sweats and tees, and college kids love them because they can wear them to school,” Natalie Maniaci, the Westhampton Store manager confirmed. “We have definitely seen a rise in sales of camo-printed clothing this summer.”

Trend #3: Metallics

Alice & Olivia

Light-catching, lamé fabrics are no longer viewed as fairytale or futuristic; in fact, they are being incorporated into more garments than ever before. “Metallic is something you’re going to see throughout our entire collection right now,” says Watts on behalf of Alice & Olivia. “It adds a bit of edge to your outfit, and you can even use it as a base if you pair it back properly. I recommended wearing it with denim or leather.”

Trend #4: Stars

Dolce & Gabbana’s Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear Collection featured velvet, fur, sequin-embroidered, and chiffon star prints that left a profound impact on the fashion industry. Seven years later, the couture print has finally trickled down into the mainstream, spreading to stores faster than the speed of a shooting star.

Maniaci believes that the star print is making a comeback at Mixology because of people’s current interest in astronomy. “I have noticed people are much more in tune with it lately — the stars, specifically. We can’t keep most of our star-printed items in stock here because they just blow out so fast.”

Xanadu’s Kerr, on the other hand, believes that star prints have come back because “It’s a big European trend, and this past year, it has finally come to the U.S.”

Trend #5: Side Stripes


Designers are dipping their toes into athleisure by sewing a side stripe onto a wide array of garments this fall. This track star style is a popular request from customers at Mixology Westhampton. “It’s all everybody is asking for!” Maniaci laughed.

“What makes the side stripe different than ever before is that it’s now being incorporated into jeans, blouses, and skirts. We also carry trousers with a side stripe on them that you can pair with a long-sleeved, ribbed crop top. That way, you can wear them from day to night,” she added.