Rainy Day Women




Hunter for Target Waterproof Ankle Boots, $35
StudiøGrand x Blunt Umbrella, Navy Tonal Floral Print, $60
Rains Shift Bag, $125
Hunter for Target Raincoat in Gray, $45

April showers might be bringing along the May flowers, but in the meantime, those of us living on the East Coast will be dealing with a deluge of drizzle.

Battling the elements with style is a careful balancing act of fashion and function, and here we’ve selected a handful of optimal rainy-day essentials. They include innovative newcomers like Blunt umbrellas, known for their staying power against whipping winds, as well as a duo of awesomely affordable options from the latest Target collaboration with Hunter, set to be released this Saturday to much fanfare.

Now you have full license to ditch your plastic ponchos and drug store umbrellas!