America’s Flagship

When: 08/25/2018, 2:00 pm

Peconic Landing presents “The history And Preservation of America’s Flagship,” Susan Gibbs presents the SS United States.

The story of the SS United States is also the story of a brilliant marine engineer and naval architect who brought her into being. To say that William Francis Gibbs had a long-running love affair with a ship would be, quite frankly, an understatement. Salty-tongued, superstitious, and with no formal training in the field, he quit his job in real-estate law in 1916 to devote himself to designing the world’s fastest ship. Learn about the history and preservation of the ocean liner, known as “America’s Flagship,” presented by the SS United States Conservancy’s Executive Director Susan Gibbs, granddaughter of designer William Francis Gibbs.

Located at 1500 Brecknock Rd., Greenport.