Cardboard Boat Race

When: 08/26/2018, 9:00 am - 2:00 pm

The Riverhead Cardboard Boat Race returns to the Peconic Riverfront on August 26. This free community event welcomes families and all community members for a day of fun racing cardboard boats, enjoying hula hoops and a kids zone. Registration begins at 9 AM.


CARDBOARD: Only corrugated cardboard, no wax covered cardboard and no weather sealed cardboard
DUCT TAPE: Pick a color, any color!
GLUE: ONLY Water based glue – NO expoxy or 2-part glue
No mechanical propulsion of any kind. No wood, metal, or wax. No plastic of any kind, or shrink wrap material will be permitted. No sonic tubes

LATEX PAINTS ONLY: No epoxy paint or varnishes of any kind are permitted.
PADDLES: One, single-sided paddle of any material per occupant – NO double ended paddles are permitted (kayak).

BOATS: must be under 32 sq. feet
ALL BOATS MUST HAVE A NAME: Crafts may be painted and lettered. Props and decorations are permitted (and encouraged!), as long as they do not add to the stability or buoyancy of the craft – this will be determined at the discretion of Event Officials.


All participants MUST wear an approved personal flotation device (life jacket) at All times.
Participants must abide by all rules and direction of Event Officials. All determinations are final. No craft, determined by Event Officials to be unsafe will be allowed to compete. All craft must be open top for easy access in the event of sinking or capsizing. All safety items will be in force at all times. Boats should be free of sharp edges (to insure the safety of other boat participants as well as yourself). No bare feet.

Each boat may only be registered in one race

All boats will be inspected by Event Officials before the race, and all winning boats will be inspected after the Event.

For details call 631-727-7600 or visit