Montaukett Indians Talk

When: 09/21/2019, 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

On Saturday, September 21, at 2 PM, the Amagansett Library welcomes Sandi Brewster-Walker as she shares her research on the history of the Montaukett Indians and the dishonest strategies used to negotiate the removal of the Montauketts still living on the land reserved for the tribe.On October 11, 1910, while Montaukett Indians were seated in the room, Judge Abel Blackmar ruled that the Montauketts no longer had legal standing as an entity before the court. Brewster-Walker, chair of the board of trustees and acting executive director of the Indigenous People Museum & Research Institute, will address the repercussions of subsequent appeals on the current status of the Montaukett Indians. Brewster-Walker served in President Bill Clinton’s administration as deputy director of the Office of Communications at USDA. For more info, visit