Peter Lipman-Wulf

When: 09/11/2018, 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Romany Kramoris Gallery presents an exhibition of watercolors by the late Peter Lipman-Wulf (1905-1993). The show runs through September 27. Along with Lipman-Wulf, artworks from Christopher Engel, Suzzanne Fokine, and Barbara Groot will also be featured. Lipman-Wulf was primarily known as a sculptor and graphic artist. His paintings were rarely the focus of exhibits.

As a German of Jewish descent, Lipman-Wulf was forced to flee during WWII — first to France in 1933, then to Switzerland in 1942. Particularly in Switzerland, where, as a refugee, he was formally prohibited from working as a sculptor, he diverted his creative impulse to works on paper. Along with sketches and drawings, Lipman-Wulf completed numerous impressive landscapes and portraits in the South of France and Switzerland.