PubSci At The Parrish

When: 09/06/2019, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

A Brookhaven National Laboratory scientist, Stony Brook University music professor, interdisciplinary artist, and composer/artist will present a lively conversation about how 3-D-printed sculptures, sound, and virtual reality can help unpack complex structures at the nanoscale on Friday, September 6, from 7 to 9 PM at the Parrish Art Museum.  “Sculpture, Sound, & Simulation: Transforming Scientific Data into Interactive Art” is the second program presented in partnership with Brookhaven National Laboratory as part of “PubSci at the Parrish,” a spin-off of BNL’s popular science café and conversation series. Following the program is a dance party with one of the presenters, Paul Miller aka DJ Spooky. Both programs are open to the public, with separate admission for each. Visit