The South Fork Natural History Museum

When: 04/27/2019, All Day

The South Fork Natural History Museum celebrates Earth Day all week long, with daily nature walks and environmental programs. It will conclude on Saturday, April 27, with free admission to the museum and a variety of nature activities planned.

Frank Quevedo, executive director of South Fork Natural History Museum said, “Earth Day is a day that reinforces the importance of protecting and sustaining our planet. On this day, both adults and children have the opportunity to become responsible stewards of our planet. SOFO has an obligation to teach as many people necessary the strategies and tactics which they can implement in their day-to-day life, to ensure a cleaner, healthier and sustainable environment. SOFO practices environment sustainability year-round by providing unique nature experiences that will inspire the pursuit of future explorations and curiosity as well as foster a lifelong fascination and affection for nature.” Head to for more information.