Liam Baum Throws The First Pitch

Excitement filled the air as East Hampton’s Little League celebrated its opening day on Saturday, April 21, at the Pantigo fields. For one young boy in particular, this was a very special day. The East Hampton Little League Board chose 12-year-old Liam Baum to throw the first pitch for the Girls Little League opener.

Steven Minskoff, president of the East Hampton Little League, has known Liam for most of his life. “He is a courageous young man as he has been battling health issues all his life. I know he loves baseball, and I thought this would be a real thrill for him to have this honor bestowed upon him. He deserves it. And I know we, as a Little League, are excited for him,” said Minskoff.

As Liam was watching the team warm-ups, he mentioned that he was “excited” and he had “been practicing.”

According to Julie Baum, Liam’s mother, he suffers from a seizure disorder called Dravet Syndrome. “Liam is on 13 different seizure medications and is on a medical diet called a Ketogenic diet. It doesn’t keep him down, though. He’s a natural born athlete. He used to play for the Springs team, but now we go upisland, where there are more opportunities for disabled kids to play sports. Liam is very excited about this opportunity,” she said.

Liam’s first pitch to Reds’ catcher, Susie DiSunno, garnered a roaring round of applause from spectators. His smile said it all.

After having had several seizures the day before the opener, Liam’s parents were not sure if he would even be able to make the event. “It takes one week to recover from one seizure,” stated Baum, “so you can see what an amazing spirit Liam has.”