Letters Submitted To The Independent

At What Price?

At What Price?

Dear Editor,

Hello again. My name is Albert Ryan. I am a lifetime resident in Sag Harbor, New York. St. Andrews parish in Sag Harbor is where I practice my faith. I have gone to this church for 60 plus years. I have and will continue attending weekly. Often you can find me at mass on a weekday.

I am the subject of the Independent’s Easter week article on priests as pedophiles.

First I need to express my gratitude to the Independent’s accomplished writer Rick Murphy. He wrote the Easter week cover story. The article is about my sexual violations by St. Andrew’s serial pedophile priests. His professional approach made my reliving the horrors from violations possible. I was then able to assist in his writing. Without help this article on such an important topic to society does not get written. Absent awareness, the subject of priests as vultures remains silent!

Thank you Independent for publishing my ordeal.

Most sufferers of clergy attacks are crumpled. Biological research on violated prepubescent kids has been done. Damages are severe. They note deep changes occur on the cellular level. In short,

DNA can change.

Attacked kids often are emotional, spiritual, and physically mangled. The reactions on my young mind were guilt, confusion, anxiety, and despair. For example, trust became all but impossible. I told my loving parents and trusted family member what happened to me. Communicating of the invasion was not believed. I was ignored while pleading for better help.

Some things I did to escape this pain were/are include: isolating, cutting until blood was drawn, and alcohol addiction. There is also the theistic question: Is God good?

Daily over eating continues. I remain morbidly obese. Today I carry an additional 100 pounds. Others, like myself, consider suicide. Sadly too many follow through. Some suicides leave a grizzly mess. I am grateful to still be alive. Experts mentioned however that my poundage, considering congestive heart failure, is death by fork.

The worst known of my parish’s butcher priests are Fathers William Burke and Alfred B Soave. Both degenerates had been transferred numerous times because of suspected abuses. One furious parent of a Soave attack comes to mind. This parent made clear exactly the kind of end awaiting Soave. Then Bishop Murphy transferred him again. He lived to gratify his deviant sexual needs again – with a fresh batch of children.

If you were hurt, there are options.

The Diocese of Rockville Centre has set aside some money. No amount of funds can be adequate, but filing a request to the victims compensation fund is required to participate in getting compensation. The deadline is April 30.

If you are a victim and have chosen not to file consider this.

The church claims that going bankrupt by payouts to abused kids like me is wrong. The Roman Catholic Church is the largest single landowner on earth. Also, nobody can guess what the value of gold, precious art, stocks, bonds jewels etc. is in the Vatican’s vaults.

Keeping silent may allow others priests to abuse.

During the high point of exposing this scandal, mass was changed. A statement was added saying, ‘Through My Fault, Through My fault, Through My Most Grievous Fault.’ Is this statement an example of the best defense is a good offense?

Recently the replacement for Bishop Murphy was visiting St. Andrews church. I was at the 11:30 mass when this man came to visit. I went to the new Bishop asking for spiritual help. It was for a friend. Here is what I wanted and what I said to him.

“A friend of mine had a spiritual issue.” An issue I believed was worth his time, an issue that affected his soul. I asked the new Bishop: “Do you have five minutes to save a soul?” He was not interested in getting personally involved. I repeated my request at least twice more. No movement.

This was about to change. Merely mentioning the butchering at the hands of Sag Harbor priests got his interest. Suddenly the request to help my friend became important. What was important was costing him money. He made time for my buddy.

Again, the deadline for the filing by sexual abuse victims into the Rockville Centre’s compensation fund is set for April 30. In short: is there a price on my soul?

Albert Ryan



Mixed Up, Muddled Up

Dear Rick,
Again lacking transparency and clarity with the public, the Southampton School Board has implemented a very controversial issue without proper notification or explanation to the parents of students, or the public at large. Even on their agenda they did not give any name or identity, only item 10.1.

In what has become a pattern of indifference to public opinion concerning matters that affect the safety and well being of students and children of Southampton, the board adopted a state requirement called “Dignity For Students” before the public would have an opportunity to evaluate and respond to their action? On it’s surface “Dignity for Students” claims to protect the students from “bullying” for just about any reason, skinny, fat, white, black, or religion.

One of the problems is who defines “bullying.” At what point does our illustrious school board or someone else define a comment or an opinion as “bullying”? Another problem area states that students may not be bullied because of their “sexual orientation.” Now, as I understand it this “orientation” is exclusively what the student male or female determines, in their mind on a given day, their perceived se– not gender because that is biological and evident, but “orientation” that is intrinsically determined by the students themselves without medical or psychological verification.

In other words a teenage male who considers his “sexual orientation” to be female can now use the female bathrooms in Southampton schools.

In addition this student whose “sexual orientation” is different from their biological gender may also join in a female gym class and use the female locker room and shower room and vice versa. It’s not only gun safety that we need to be concerned about. “Dignity for Students” and what the potential problems that theboard, in the opinion of many, has not adequately considered or answered is also threatening.

This is not discriminating against homosexual or lesbian behavior. Although as a minister of the gospel I must conclude that such sexual behaviors are sinful the same as fornication and adultery.

However, allowing students with this “sexual orientation” behavior to encroach upon the freedom of those students that oppose this behavior is in fact discrimination against all that have religious or social views that disagree with this behavior. Not to mention the awkward and hazardous threat to the children and parents forced to accept, as the school board has voted, this unhealthy and dangerous conduct.

Finally, the school board has given verbal assurance that males or females using the opposite sex facilities will not happen, but they have not given any verbal or written specifics about how they will “protect” these actions from not happening.

If you can sleep well with this situation threatening our children, as an accident waiting to happen, more power to you. If you see the danger in what the board has approved, call the board members, ask questions, and reverse this decision before it’s too late. Also, discuss it with you pastor, priest, rabbi, or religious leader and see what they have to say.

In Christian Service,
Pastor Donald Havrilla, Southampton Full Gospel Church



Soy Good

Dear Editor,
Soybeans are America’s second largest export to China, but with the threat of a trade war looming—one that could bring tariffs on soy exports to China—PETA has designed a patriotic billboard proclaiming, “America’s Soybean Farmers Want You … to Go Vegan!” If you still haven’t tried soymilk, tofu, edamame (soybeans), or other nutritious and delicious soy foods, April, National Soy foods Month, is a fitting time to do so.

Unlike meat, eggs, and dairy products, soy foods are cholesterol-free and have notable cardiovascular benefits. Research shows that soy foods can also help prevent breast, prostate, and colon cancer; lessen hot flashes in menopausal women; and protect against osteoporosis. The antioxidants in soy may even benefit asthma sufferers.

Soymilk can be used in place of cow’s milk in cereal, coffee, smoothies, baked goods, and much more. Tofu is a versatile food that acts like a sponge, soaking up the flavors of whatever it’s prepared with—whether it’s melted dark chocolate or fragrant spices and vegetables.

So, enjoy a soy latte, some tasty tofu scramble, or a stir-fry made with marinated tofu and vegetables. For free vegan recipes and product suggestions, see http://www.PETA.org.

Heather Moore
The PETA Foundation