Sand In My Shoes

Judgement Day For Pedophile

The Monster who exploited Ryan’s granddaughter will meet Judgment Day on May 3.

Ryan received a text about this child predator from his daughter the other day. It was an update about confessed child porn pervert Steven Masiello, 32, Federal Bureau of Prisons inmate #78740054, who pleaded guilty in a federal courtroom last year to taking scores of pornographic photos of his own daughter — Ryan’s granddaughter — when she was three and four years old.

Ryan remembered those glorious years when his daughter was about the same age spent in the “safe” Hamptons, days in the beach house on Dune Road, climbing the stairs of the Montauk Lighthouse, building sand castles on the golden beaches, and swimming in clear blue pools on honey-dipped days of summer. He remembered days of pizza, movies, fairs, bike riding, horse galloping, bowling, farm stands, and East End parades.

Then Ryan’s daughter grew up and had a baby girl and when she left her daughter alone with the father, Steven Masiello, this fiend took filthy pictures of his own innocent little girl, swapping them with other pedophiles for photos of actual rapes of children as young as two for self-gratification.


Masiello also confessed to using the screen name of “Dickworm” to post the images of his daughter to revolting Russian websites in the cyber sewer system called the Dark Net.

Those vile photos will revolve in the black circulatory system of the Dark Net until the end of cyber time.

FBI agents, state and federal prosecutors, Special Victims Unit cops, pediatricians, and shrinks specializing in child sexual abuse all agree that Ryan’s granddaughter was never actually raped, sodomized, or penetrated.

But when Masiello was alone with Ryan’s granddaughter, this swine would give her Benadryl to make her sleepy. Then Masiello confessed to posing his daughter in heinous ways, exposing her vulnerable private parts, to gratify the twisted fantasies of other loathsome men whose debauched kink is to abuse, defile, and degrade innocent children.


There are no creatures lower on the moral evolutionary scale than pedophiles. To be victimized by one who is your own father —whose number one job in life is supposed to be to protect you from such bogeymen — is the ultimate human betrayal.

In one FBI-seized text exchange between Masiello and Pedophile #1, the aroused pervert asks to see more of Masiello’s daughter’s privates. Masiello haggles, demanding to see child rape photos first. After exchanging photos, Pedophile #1 asks the identity of the little girl in Masiello’s self-generated photos. Masiello says his daughter. Pedophile #1 replies, “Your own daughter, man?


Even common perverts think Masiello is the lowest of the low.

If there is an afterlife, mutants like Masiello will be found chained to the inextinguishable furnace in the boiler room of hell.

So, Ryan was thinking of Masiello as he read Rick Murphy’s disturbing articles on pedophile priests in The Independent.

Ryan also thought of his granddaughter as he watched HBO’s powerful Paterno, in which Oscar winning director Barry Levinson guides Al Pacino through a superb performance as Penn State University’s legendary football coach Joe Paterno, who enabled the cover-up of the rape of scores of kids by his assistant coach Jerry Sandusky. It wasn’t until Sara Gamin, a then 23-year-old reporter for PennLive and the Harrisburg Patriot-News, bit into the Sandusky/Paterno story like a pit bull that the full extent of the abuse and cover-up pedophile scandal was exposed.

She won a well-deserved Pulitzer Prize for her work.

Paterno, the movie, presents a chilling behind the curtain dramatization of the famed coach worrying more about his next football game and his legacy than the child rape victims whose abuse he aided and abetted with silence and indifference. It portrays a family who is, like the church with pedophile priests, more interested in spin and damage control than in the brutalized victims.

Ryan witnessed this circle-the-wagons mentality firsthand when Steven “Dickworm” Masiello was first arrested in February of 2015. His family rushed to his defense, in complete denial, even suggesting that Ryan’s daughter planted the repulsive images on their poor son’s digital devices. They posted $100,000 bail. Hired a high priced criminal lawyer. Paid for a top family court attorney to audaciously fight for custody of the victimized child while Masiello wore an ankle bracelet, under house arrest.

These dodgy legal shenanigans grunted through state court for two agonizing years, hoping that “hair would grow” on a case the DA would want to close. Masiello’s loyal family showed up at every appearance like cheerleaders, even though the child victim was also a blood relative to these paternal grandparents and uncles. Steven P. Masiello be-bopped into state court, smirking, smug-certain his family’s money would buy him a get-out-of-jail card.

Until a year ago.

That’s when the FBI tracked down several of the other pedophiles who’d received images of Ryan’s granddaughter. To his shock, Masiello was rearrested. He was indicted on a superseding federal indictment. Dickworm was no longer facing at most a few years in a state pen, perhaps even probation. He was now facing 20 years in a federal penitentiary, where you do at least 90 percent of your time.

Finally, the evidence overwhelming, Masiello agreed to a plea bargain. In September 2017, he sat before a federal judge, confessing to posing and photographing his daughter, promoting a child pornography performance, and swapping the pornographic images with other pedophiles for baby rape photos.

No one in his family showed up.

His sentencing was scheduled for December where the federal guideline for a first offender was 10 years in a federal prison. Part of that deal was that he confessed to all his crimes, presenting all the known evidence on all devices.

Then in the yuletide, the sentencing was postponed. So tightlipped were the Feds that they would only tell the mother of the victim that there might be other images on yet another undisclosed device. And that Masiello was being uncooperative regarding passwords.

He was already facing time for the crimes to which he confessed. But any new undisclosed crimes and evidence could be added as separate charges outside the plea deal. That could escalate a sentence closer to 20 years, at the judge’s discretion.

After reading Rick Murphy’s articles on pedophile priests in The Independent and watching Barry Levinson’s Paterno, Ryan was eager to read his impact statement on behalf of his granddaughter on May 3, at the sentencing of Steven “Dickworm” Masiello.

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