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Some Friendly Advice For My Sad, Angry Democrat Friends

Every once in a while, I write something that makes everyone angry.

It’s that time again.

It’s about, who else, Donald Trump.

I didn’t vote for him. I think he’s a horrible excuse for a human being.

He’s a lying, conniving hustler whose ugly sensibility will, in time, destroy every good thing for which this country stands.

His treatment of immigrants, who have always been, and will always be, the backbone of this great country, is despicable.

I know what you Democrats feel about him. Double it for me.

Now comes a horrible truth.

He’s winning.

He’s winning because you Democrats are fooling yourselves.

You’re living in the world of the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, Morning Joe, etc. And you love that every minute . . . make that every second . . . of every day, they bash Trump and everyone around him.

You think that the Russian voter conspiracy, Stormy Daniels, Russian hookers, golden showers, Michael Cohen, “Fire and Fury,” Michael Flynn, James Comey, etc. will get Trump impeached.

You’re kidding yourselves. He is not going to be impeached, no matter how loudly you scream and stomp your feet and march and act like three-year-olds who must get your way or you’ll hold your breath.

All it does is make the 62,979,879 people who voted for Trump convinced that the media is picking on him, and it makes them determined to vote for him again.

OK, Trump haters, repeat after me: “I don’t care that 62,979,879 people voted for Trump for president. All my friends and I want Trump removed from office right this minute. Impeach him right now.”

And you might add that once, many years ago, you said, “Bill Clinton should not be impeached. Forget the stained blue dress, BJs in the Oval Office, and his lying to Congress.”

Here’s a message to all my Democrat friends:

You’re living in New York City and Los Angeles and you have no idea what’s going on in Massillon, Ohio or Scranton, Pennsylvania.

They love how Trump out-crazied the little fat kid from North Korea.

They love the new tax bill. They don’t give a crap how it is helping the top one percent. All they care about is the $800 or $1700 that it is bringing them.

They like what Trump did in joining with the Brits and the French to bomb Syria’s poison factories.

They are very much aware that Barack Obama made a speech threatening Syria — establishing a red line — and then he backed off and that made the war escalate, killing hundred of thousands of innocent people.

Obama is a nice man. He has a nice family and he has all the best intentions.

He speaks really well and is 10 times smarter than Trump, plus he has a great sense of humor, etc.

Many of you think he will go down in history as a great president.

The 62,979,879 people who voted for Trump and I think he was a terrible president.

I believe Obama is the main reason a lout like Trump is president today.

Ever wonder how many of the 62,979,879 people who voted for Trump in 2016 voted for Obama in 2008?

No, you don’t wonder. You really would like to believe they are 62,979,879 racists, wouldn’t you?

Obama was probably the main reason Hillary lost.

And speaking of Hillary, do you really think she lost because Comey re-opened her lost emails case?

Ask anyone you know, and ask them to ask anyone they know if they know anyone — even one person — who was voting for Hillary and then decided to vote for Trump when they heard Comey was re-opening the lost emails case. Bullcrap.

Hillary lost because Trump was promising jobs in Ohio, Wisconsin, Florida, and Pennsylvania while Hillary was sitting at home rehearsing her inauguration speech.

Trump must be defeated at the polls in 2020.

This country cannot afford to have four more years of his poison.

But don’t tell me about a ticket with an old Joe Biden for president and Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren for vice president. They’ll lose.

Don’t tell me about old, cranky Bernie Sanders running for president.

Here’s the story Trump will use on Bernie: He never owned a business. He never invented anything. He never proposed a single bill that passed (25 years in office). He lived off welfare before he was elected to office. He’s 74 years old and has a net worth of $300,000.

But Bernie says he can fix health care and the economy.

There are three constituencies whose votes can defeat Trump in 2020: Democrats, Independents, and Republicans who choose to vote not as good Republicans, but as good Americans.

It will take a new, young, attractive, closer-to-the-middle-than-the-left Democrat candidate to do it.

I haven’t seen him or her yet. Have you?

It will take the millions of high school kids who marched in protest of Parkland to go door-to-door and to make sure their parents vote for a new, young candidate with a real plan for gun control, the economy, and a return to a caring United States.

It will take you, my dear Democrat friends, to stop whining and start winning.

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