Spring’s Coming, Right?

From the gallows humor files, a meme this week wins. It goes, “It’s like Mother Nature is having an argument, storms off, then comes back saying ‘and another thing.’”

It’s snowing as of this writing. Again. The crocuses that peeked out last week are covered in snow. The daffodils that neared blooming last week were almost buried on the East End Monday morning. The “dusting” forecast by the weatherman turned into legit snowfall.

On dreary Monday mornings, we strive to see the upside to annoying, inconvenient, and just plain wearing weather. Silver linings begin with “At least it wasn’t snowing when . . .”

At least it wasn’t snowing when kids gathered across the East End to hunt for Easter Eggs over the weekend.

At least it wasn’t snowing when our high school baseball and softball teams took to the fields for their first games of the season.

At least this batch of white stuff fell during school vacation days, so traffic on the slippery roads was minimal.

At least we have dedicated, if weary, highway departments that are quick to mobilize across the Twin Forks.

At least it wasn’t snowing over the weekend when people celebrated Passover and Easter.

At least the days are longer and we don’t have to drive home in snow and darkness.

At least the power’s still on and the heat works . . . so far.

Spring’s coming. It has to.

We’re sick of straining for silver linings.