Gold holds lessons at the Hayground School

Trapeze Experience Allows You To ‘Fly’

If you’re looking for something different to do this summer and are the daring type, then you have to try a trapeze lesson with Peter Gold from Trapeze Experience. Gold says, “Learning to fly requires no previous experience.”

He added, “It’s a powerful experience with many positive benefits. It helps build confidence and self-esteem and helps you to face your doubts and fears, take ownership of them, and not allow them to stop you. It’s like a vitamin for your soul.”

With a full trapeze set-up on the campus of the Hayground School in Bridgehampton, Gold conducts lessons for the school’s summer camp programs. It is also open to the public for all ages, so long as they are medically cleared. The trapeze stands 32 feet in the air and is complete with safety nets, mats, and harnesses that can be adjusted to accommodate any adult or a child as young as four years old.

In 1998, Gold became a pioneer in the field of trapeze by making the sport of “flying” accessible to the general public. “There was no competition,” Gold said. “I knew what a powerful experience this is and how it doesn’t just help physical conditions, there’s a big part that is psychological. It helps build mental clarity and strength. It’s really a sport that is emotional, mental, and physical.”

Gold has 32 years of experience in flying trapeze and circus arts, including touring with the Ringling Brothers. He is also on the faculty at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY.

Gold’s staff of trainers are also professional flyers with many years of experience. Marcos “Spider” Melo, from Brazil, has 16 years of experience and has performed in hotels and resorts, including Club Med. Efe Ilkay, from Turkey, boasts 13 years of experience and owns a trapeze company in California.

Juliana Richards from Florida, the youngest member of the staff, has four years’ experience. Richards remarked about her time with Trapeze Experience by saying, “They have been the best four years of my life.”