An arrest was made on Shelter Island for an attack that allegedly took place in February.

High Bail Set On Shelter Island

Shelter Island police were called to a country club on June 29 by a victim of an alleged assault that happened in February. The alleged victim told police that the man charged with choking in that incident was on the grounds of the club, in violation of an order of protection issued in February out of Shelter Island Justice Court by Justice Helen Rosenblum.

Police arrested Travis Maker, 37, of Greenport on a misdemeanor criminal contempt charge. When Maker was searched, police reported finding four different controlled drugs, which were not specified in the complaint, leading to four misdemeanor possession charges. He was also in possession of a small amount of marijuana.

Justice Rosenblum clearly did not take kindly to the violation of her order to stay away from the alleged February victim, as well as Maker’s criminal record, and set bail at $20,000. Maker remained in county jail as of Monday afternoon.

In other news, Steven Sebring of Manhattan was arrested on a misdemeanor drunk driving charge Saturday night. He was pulled over on St. Mary’s Road, allegedly for speeding, running a stop sign, and crossing into the oncoming lane of traffic. At headquarters, a breath test produced a reading of over .08 of one percent, the legal definition of intoxication. He was released Sunday morning after being arraigned in the island’s justice court without having to post bail, but with a date on Justice Rosenblum’s criminal calendar.