‘You can’t get any new traffic infractions,’ Tekulsky warns Goodman

Judge Reprimands Head Of East Hampton GOP

“You’re lucky you’re not going to jail,” East Hampton Town Justice Steven Tekulsky told Amos Goodman on August 9. Goodman, 35, of Springs, the head of East Hampton’s Republican Party, was in court as part of the adjudication process stemming from his arrest in March on an aggravated unlicensed driving charge.

Police pressed that misdemeanor count after Goodman was pulled over for allegedly speeding on Springy Banks Road in a 2004 Honda. Goodman’s license at the time, police said, was suspended twice for failure to pay fines. Beyond the suspensions, the Department of Motor Vehicles had also revoked his license for having been convicted of three speeding violations or misdemeanor crimes in an 18-month period.

Goodman’s attorney, Edward Burke Jr., was presenting the court evidence that Goodman had cleared up his issues with the DMV as he tries to work out a deal acceptable to Justice Tekulsky and the district attorney’s office. Justice Tekulsky routinely warns defendants before him on unlicensed driving charges that if they are arrested and convicted before him of that same charge again, he will sentence them to jail time.

After accepting the document from Burke, Justice Tekulsky referred to Goodman’s “rather horrendous history of getting tickets and ignoring them,” as well as for driving without a license, as he set yet one more court date for Goodman, this one in October.

“Let me just impress upon you, you can’t get any new traffic infractions,” the judge warned Goodman from the bench.