A 44-foot boat sank in shallow water after its operator struck the jetty

Missed Lake Montauk Entrance, Boat Sinks

A 44-foot-long Meridian yacht sank just west of the western jetty in Montauk on Thursday, August 9. The boat was coming from the Patchogue area, Executive Petty Officer Ryan O’Hare of the U.S. Coast Guard said Monday, when the driver misjudged the entrance to Lake Montauk, then tried to maneuver back to the mouth to the lake between the eastern and western jetties. He struck a rock about 100 yards from shore.

The boat began taking on water, and Coast Guard officers, who had heard the collision from their station on Star Island, drove over to the jetty, while an East Hampton Marine patrol boat, which is smaller than Coast Guard rescue craft and therefore able to get closer to the distressed craft, approached the vessel.

Marine patrol and Coast Guard officers boarded the boat and rescued the man and his wife, whom the Petty Officer did not identify.

The boat was removed from the jetty over the weekend, at the owner’s expense.