A Sag Harbor traffic stop led to three felony drug charges.

Southampton Man Charged With Coke Possession

A Southampton man recently arrested by Sag Harbor Village police is facing three felony narcotics possession charges, including possession with intent to sell.

Terrell Harris, 31, was backing a 2006 BMW out of a parking space in front of Page Restaurant on Main Street a little after midnight May 17. According to police, he backed across the yellow hazard markings in the middle of the road, and began heading in the opposite direction, leading to a traffic stop and a ticket. When the officer ran Harris’s license, he found there was a warrant out of Southampton Town Justice Court, or a failure to appear following an arrest on an unlicensed driving charge from last year.

With Harris now in handcuffs, police began to search the BMW. In the passenger door side pocket was a pack of what appeared to be a pack of Newport cigarettes. Inside, however, police said, were nine packets of cocaine. “That’s cocaine I just bought for $300,” police said Harris told them. The white powder in the packets tested positive for the drug, according to the police.

The total weight of the contents of the packets was alleged to be about 10 grams. He was charged with two counts of possession of over a half gram and a gram, respectively, both felonies, and the most serious charge, possession with intent to sell.

He was arraigned May 18 in Sag Harbor Village Justice Court, with bail being set at $10,000. Unable to post that amount, he spent the next five days in county jail. On May 23, he was released without bail, under state law that requires a defendant being held on felony charges to be indicted by a grand jury or set free within five days. His next court date is Friday, June 15.