East Hampton needs comprehensive energy plan, town board told

A Call For Energy Planning In Hamlet Studies

Krae Van Sickle addresses the board during last week’s public hearing regarding the East Hampton hamlet study. Independent/East Hampton LTV

While most speakers addressing the East Hampton Town Board last week during the public hearing regarding the East Hampton hamlet study spoke about roadways, affordable housing, and other similar matters, one speaker addressed a very different topic: renewable energy.

“East Hampton has a 100 percent renewable energy goal, which is great,” Krae Van Sickle of East Hampton told the board. However, he said, “What I observe is we do not have a comprehensive energy plan in [the town’s] comprehensive plan or in any of the hamlet studies.”

He warned that “Failing to do so will make most, if not all, planning for the future irrelevant.”

He called on the town to adopt zoning laws that would require all new buildings consume energy at a net-zero level. Similar laws have been passed in the state of California, he told the board.

Van Sickle said the town needs to “cite solar batteries and smarter energy management systems at critical service buildings,” like fire departments and medical clinics.

“We don’t have to be fatalistic,” Van Sickle said. The town should not be waiting for the utility companies to take action on renewable energy, and called upon the public to support the East Hampton Town Board in moving in that direction.