East Hampton builds a new traffic circle on Route 114

Around And Around It Goes

East Hampton’s new traffic circle on Route 114 came with over a million-dollar price tag, serves five different intersections, and has been the subject of a heated debate among many local residents.

One critic, who chose to remain anonymous, stated that he works right by the new traffic circle. He described it as “a nightmare” and “a total disaster.” He explained, “Try to make a right when you’re coming from the Stephen Hands Path and Route 114 intersection and you’ll have to drive over an island to make the turn.”

Conversely, East Hampton Town Highway Superintendent Steve Lynch said he hasn’t met any challenges while driving trucks or various other vehicles through the new traffic circle. Lynch stated, “I think people just need to give it a chance.”

The East Hampton Village Board signed off on this project after it received the state work permits and certifications. The traffic circle brings Route 114, Buell Lane, Buell Lane Extension, and Toilsome Lane together at a reduced speed. Even though the traffic circle was built on a state road, the village will be in charge of the traffic circle’s maintenance and it has also said that it can be snow plowed regardless of its design. Its construction cost, a total of $1.3 million, will be offset by a $700,000 state grant. The circle will be finished in the coming week once the irrigation is completed in the central island. The village board is open to discussing the new traffic circle with the public.