Acclaimed artist Alice Hope began working with Hayground School students as part of the school’s Artists in Residence program on September 21 and she will continue working with them until May of 2019.

Hayground Welcomes Artist Alice Hope

Artist Alice Hope and her art works. Independent/Courtesy Hayground School

Alice Hope is the mother of Hayground graduate and artist, Soren Hope, and is a former Hayground teacher. When asked what she wishes to achieve with her students, Hope said, “Together we will make a massive, cumulative, multidisciplinary, collaborative art project that tackles the unquantifiable by building an additive sculpture utilizing used can tabs as their art material. Along the way, students will develop spatial awareness as well as an understanding of the subjectivity and relativity of scale that will potentially break another Guinness record.”

The art piece will then be moved off campus and be made available to the public in May. For more information on the program, contact Marcelle Langendal at 631-537-7068 or