Proposed numerous changes to the town code regulating property rentals

Proposed Rental Code Changes

Southampton Town Public Safety and Emergency Management Administrator Steven Troyd has proposed numerous changes to the town code regulating property rentals. They include:

Rental Code Changes

  • Eliminate requirement to update tenants’ identities
  • Eliminate requirement for a carter contract
  • Eliminate the period of proposed occupancy
  • Eliminate the four-car parking limit for rentals between 1 and 6 AM
  • Require a statement of bedroom location and size, rather than floor plan
  • Fees would charged on a biennial basis
  • No limit to the number of allowable basement bedrooms
  • Edit the penalty section and rental permit requirements to accurately reflect the responsibilities of owners, tenants, and rental agents
  • Change the definition of family in a rental agreement to be one, two, three, or four persons occupying a dwelling, or five or more persons occupying a dwelling unit and living together as a traditional family or the functional equivalent of a traditional family. Changes made will correspond with the zoning code definition
  • Expand the definition of a rental property to include apartments in
    commercial properties, condos, and co-ops

Proposed Seasonal Rental Code Changes

  • A permit, separate and apart from the rental permit, would be required for a property being used for a period of no less than seven days during the season rental period between May 1 and September 30
  • Require a “rental agreement” for seasons rental permits
  • Fees would charged on a biennial basis
  • Swimming pools and/or hot tubs would have to be maintained by a professional service technician at all times
  • Seasonal rental permits would require the name and contact information of a person who would respond within one hour to correct any code violations
  • Contact information would be disseminated upon being granted a seasonal rental permit to every abutting neighbor by certified mail
  • Enforcement authority could revoke a seasonal rental permit when a code violation continues for 24 hours or more after a notice is provided
  • No guests of tenants occupying a dwelling with a seasonal rental permit may be present between 1 and 6 AM