Students from Southampton, North-port, and Huntington high schools worked with students from West Virginia

Students Tackle Opioid Crisis

Students from Southampton, Northport, and Huntington high schools recently worked together with students from West Virginia to curb the opioid crisis.

The Long Island students recently had a unique exchange program with students from Tug Valley High School in Kermit, WV, which has been hit hard by the opioid crisis.

During the week of July 7, the students met in a variety of forums to learn more from each other and discuss ways to address the crisis.

At a meeting at Southampton High School on July 11, they heard from Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman, Southampton Town Police Chief Steven Skrynecki, and representatives from the Southampton Opioid Task Force and East End Rehabilitation Services. The students asked questions, shared personal experiences, and offered their thoughts on curtailing opioid use, such as creating more mental health programs in school and providing a greater sense of purpose for students.