For the love and mastery of wood

B&Co. Builders’ Work Invites The Hamptons Light In

Doug Bocchino and Chuck Theisen of B&Co. Builders. Independent/Ty Wenzel

There is clearly a love of the East End and nature in B&Co. Builders’ portfolio. From clear-stained, sometimes white-washed wood, to an intense love of natural colors and textures, the company’s work invites the famous Hamptons light in and across every space, no matter how inconsequential.

Linear lines of wood built-ins have a balanced aesthetic that evokes a Wes Anderson movie — eye-catching without even a hint of ostentatiousness. Its “Surf Shack” project utilized modern philosophies while incorporating natural wood-on-wood, even pairing cedar shingles on the ceiling with wood-paneled walls.

The Independent caught up with proprietor Doug Bocchino to find out more about him, his aesthetic, and his firm, which is the best-kept secret of builders on the East End.

Doug, how did you start out building homes?

My wife, Stephanie, and I moved out east from the city five years ago, which is when I met my business partner, Chuck Theisen. We were working on a very large custom project for a local builder and developer, and after that project, we decided to go out on our own.

Do you have a favorite hamlet? If so, why?

Southampton has always been my go-to, but I have been doing a lot of work in Sag Harbor, Sagaponack, and Shelter Island recently, and have developed quite an obsession with them as well. There’s a lot going on in Sag Harbor, and Shelter Island is just that, a “sheltered island,” which definitely creates that “un-Hamptons” allure. Sagaponack is the epitome of Hamptons luxury and beauty with no attitude.

What projects are you currently working on?

We are currently working on two interesting and different projects. One is new construction in Bridgehampton and the other is a major renovation in Amagansett.

Doug Bocchino and Chuck Theisen of B&Co. Builders. Independent/Ty Wenzel

Do you work with specific architects or do you design the home in-house?

We work with specific architects. For the house currently being built in Bridgehampton, we are working with Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects, and the project in Amagansett is by Worrell Yeung architects.

How would you define the homes you build in terms of their style?

We don’t build any one style of home nor do we have a preference. I will say that we are seeing a lot of modern and transitional modern designs.

Your portfolio features a balance of traditional and modern. Is this style coming from the architect, homeowner, or you?

It’s definitely coming from the architect, which I suppose technically is coming from the homeowner, because usually the homeowner seeks out either a modern or traditional architect.

How have you incorporated green technologies or building into your projects?

More and more you see some aspect of green building being incorporated into plans and specifications, which is wonderful. If the option is there we will always try to use LEED-certified products or methods. It’s also important to note that the building codes are also starting to require green technologies and methods.

Do you ever spec build?


Doug Bocchino and Chuck Theisen of B&Co. Builders. Independent/Ty Wenzel

In what ways are you evolving as Hamptons builders?

I think as a builder you are always evolving because you’re literally learning something new every day, whether it’s construction methods or management methods. We have also incorporated the latest construction management technology into our business. This software allows us to manage all aspects of the construction process from bidding and budgeting, to job cost tracking and drawing management.

Are you incorporating any trends that you’ve seen in any of the homes you’re currently building?

Black seems to be a big trend! Black windows and trim, black-stained wood walls. We’re even staining a whole house exterior right now in black.

When you’re not building luxury homes, what do you do for fun?

Another reason my and Chuck’s partnership works is because we both love fishing and surfing. Admittedly, I am not very good at surfing. Chuck is. My wife and I also have a very large dog we love taking for hikes and beach walks.

To reach Bocchino or inquire about B&Co. Builders’ work, visit or call 631-644-1478.