Beautifying design from the inside out

Berg Design Architecture

Berg Design Architecture was founded in 2001 by John Berg, AIA, LEED AP. The trio of “Mod Squad” experts includes project manager Alex Chaintreuil, R.S., LEED AP, and junior architect John Conway. Together, they create both residential and commercial spaces, including interior design, and developing furniture for specific projects.

Since 2003, Berg Design Architecture has been recognized with numerous awards, including from Houzz, Architizer, and Hamptons Cottages & Gardens. Willing to build anywhere, with a particular fondness for natural settings, the team focuses primarily on East End projects. However, travel to John Berg’s native home of Bermuda and you’re sure to see several of the firm’s designs.

How did the team of John B., Alex, and John C. get the name “Mod Squad”?

The “Mod Squad” is a tongue-in-cheek reference to our modernist bent as designers.

What drew you to architecture? 

I was a late bloomer and came to architecture in a very roundabout way. I worked at several unsatisfying jobs in Boston after graduating from college. During a particularly bleak period in the economy, when I was managing single room occupancy apartment buildings, I did a lot of soul searching and I started taking classes at night.

I took design classes at the Boston Architectural Center, art classes at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and physics at Northeastern University. By taking these classes, my quality of life skyrocketed; I put together a portfolio and applied to architecture school.

As Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) architects, how have you seen the industry change over the years regarding green practices?

The biggest change in the industry has been in the energy code. Thankfully it is now close to impossible to design an inefficient building in terms of energy usage.

You’ve made a name for yourself with recognizable honors and mentions. What keeps you grounded as you continue to build up the firm?

Architecture is an inherently humbling pursuit. Ever changing building technologies, codes, and building materials keep us on our toes. We are always learning and working to keep up with industry changes.

You design commercial as well as residential. Contrast the way you tackle projects.

We tackle all of our projects in a very similar way regardless of project type. Each project is specific to the client’s vision, priorities, site characteristics, and our ability to add value.

What inspires your designs?

We are inspired by opportunities to stretch out and create unexpected solutions and environments for our clients.

What are some trends that you see emerging and find exciting?

We are generally excited by most forms of innovation in design and building, which is always changing.

How did you get into interior design as well?

We enjoy delivering the complete package and take a holistic view of our work. We design all built in casework and furniture. We also enjoy working with several interior designers whose work complements ours and vice versa.

Berg Design Architecture is located at 88 Old Stone Highway in East Hampton. Call 917-328-3905 or visit