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Bialsky Builders Create Seaside Castles

Jay Bialsky knows a thing or two about building the perfect seaside castle. In his many years catering to discerning home owners, he and his team have cracked the code on exactly how shifting tastes and trends combine with personal preferences to create the ideal abode. Here, we sit down with Bialsky to hear all about it.

Bialsky Builders has developed an extraordinary reputation. Tell us how you’ve achieved this.

I’ve designed homes that run the gamut from traditional to ultra-modern for over 24 years. All have special detailing that elevates each custom home I build to the next level. I respond to the parcel and of course, to my clients.

When did you first see an opportunity to develop homes of this caliber out East? 

I started my career in 1994. East Enders have always sought high caliber homes.

Tell us about your clientele. Is there a particular trend among them? 

My clients have one thing in common; they all want something different, special, and built with the highest quality and attention to detail. I try to provide that in all my houses.

You’ve said that great property is the first step toward great design. How do you begin your search for the perfect parcel? 

I’ve been developing properties out here on the East End for the past 24 years. I’m lucky enough to have the brokerage community think of me first. They know I can perform quickly.

What’s your view on the current state of the Hamptons real estate market? Are new developments on the rise? 

I think the market is spotty, which is why I am sticking to only the best parcels, which usually are waterfront or water view.

Tell us about some standout properties that felt particularly special to you and your team. 

This is like asking me which is my favorite daughter. I’m proud of all my work, because each home is unique.

When you’re not designing and building world class homes, what do you do for fun? 

Boating with my family and friends.

Tell us about your most recent deal with Sag Harbor, why you’re moving there, and what you’re planning for your new home?

I just purchased 2 West Water in Sag Harbor. I’m presently proposing three family condos, and my family and I will be moving into one of them. This location checks everything we want in a home; we can walk to everything in town, our boat will be in our backyard, incredible water views, and the best sunsets out East.

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