Tina Ramchandani derives great inspiration from her global travels and incorporates her visions into each design interior she creates.

Bombay Inspires Design Firm

Tina Ramchandani derives great inspiration from her global travels and incorporates her visions into each design interior she creates. Working in New York City, Los Angeles, and the Hamptons, each home is a new canvas in which she especially enjoys piecing together with local art and artisans.

Before starting her own company, Tina Ramchandani Creative, in 2014, Ramchandani developed her unique design experience through affiliations with firms such as Frank & Marcotullio Design Associates and Vicente Wolf Associates.

This full-service design firm brings life to every facet of a home.

How did you get into the design industry?

I started my undergraduate degree with an undeclared major, not entirely sure where I was headed. I was constantly researching schools, majors, and careers. It was tough, and it wasn’t until a family vacation to Bombay, India for a wedding that it hit me.

Although it wasn’t my first trip to Bombay, it was like I was viewing my surroundings there through a completely different lens. I immediately noticed the remarkable architecture, the rich and vibrant color combinations, and impeccable appropriation of space. The hotel we visited took my breath away.

I became instantly captivated by the feeling that came over me as I stumbled into one well designed space after the next. It was then that I realized there was something to this, and when I got home, I began focusing on Interior Design as a career path. I switched schools and began refining the creative talents that came naturally to me, and I haven’t looked back since.

At what point did you decide to start your own company?

Owning my own business was always something I aspired to, and I think it’s just one of those things that you have to feel out regarding when to take that leap of faith. I was very fortunate to have worked for people like Vincente Wolf, where I was able to master my craft while gaining the confidence to one day go out on my own.

Why do you place a strong emphasis on artwork?

Art completes and personalizes the space. What’s on the walls is as important as what’s on the floors, the furniture, and the lighting. Walking into a space should be a complete experience, and artwork is very much a part of that experience.

What are some local artists from the Hamptons that you’ve used?

I’ve purchased ready-made and custom furniture items from Fishers in Sag Harbor, and accessories from several stores in various town. I love the Boat Hulls by Michele Dragonetti and have been dying to use them in a home.

Where do you work on the East End?

Wherever my clients are! I’ve worked with clients in Quogue, Shelter Island, and everywhere in between. Winter McDermott was my design partner on the Shelter Island project.

Name some places that you traveled to that you incorporate into your style. Do you have a favorite?

It’s difficult to have a favorite, I fall in love with almost every place I visit. I really enjoy Copenhagen, Paris, and Thailand. They are all so different but each place has something to offer, in terms of design, how the locals live their daily lives and the way they enjoy each moment.

Would you say you have a signature touch?

I don’t necessarily have a signature touch, but I do focus on turnkey service. From the floors to the ceiling and everything in between, your space will reflect you and your interests in a warm and modern way. Each home I create is unique to each client and designed fully from start to finish.

What makes your company unique?

I design homes that fully capture my clients’ lifestyle so they get to experience their lives surrounded by the things and the people that matter most to them in a comfortable and beautiful way. I would say that my signature look is warm and sophisticated. Most of the homes I design are generally minimalistic without being stark or cold. I create livable homes that are designed to eliminate clutter, and my clients will never feel that their space is over decorated, to ensure they’re able to truly relax in their spaces.

How does Hamptons style differ from NYC and LA?

The interior styles differ because the lifestyles differ. The Hamptons homes we create are relaxed, easy to live in, and meant for casual living. New York and LA homes are often more luxurious, meant for a more formal way of entertaining.

Visit www.tinaramchandani.com or call 212-321-0037. Make sure to follow her at @TinaRamchandani.