When Long Island is your canvas and building is in your blood

Builder Anthony Porco Of Rosewood Developers

Anthony Porco. Independent/Rosewood Developers

Anthony Porco continued in his father’s footsteps when joining and eventually leading his father’s luxury building company, which was founded in 1954. That’s a lot of time to understand the landscape and zoning laws of Long Island, which is the canvas into which Rosewood Developers has built some of the most beautiful homes.

Of late, they have put more emphasis and resources into building in the Hamptons. Indy visited one of their masterpieces on Pelham in Southampton and found their work to be show-stopping yet complementary to its existing environs. We caught up with Porco to learn more about their work, their history, and where they see themselves flourishing in the near future.

Rosewood Developers is a family owned and run building enterprise. Can you tell us about the team members and the history of the firm?

Rosewood Developers, Inc. is a family owned second generation business established in 1954 by my father Anthony Porco, Sr. with the intention of producing impeccable homes for their discerning clientele. Rosewood Developers is known for our integrity, loyalty, and our flawless reputation of using the highest standard of skill, quality goods and materials for each home we construct. We are builders of fine custom single-family dwellings.

With a proven track record, Rosewood Developers has a consistency of completing jobs in a timely manner while maintaining professional quality and distinction.

I have followed in my father’s footsteps with the same dedication, hard work, and integrity. Other family members have come aboard to carry on the tradition like I did at a very young age, learning the craft and learning what it takes to build a superior home.

What are some differences between building in Suffolk and Nassau counties?

Even though Rosewood Developers is based in Melville, I am also a resident on the East End while also having an office there as well. We have built homes in both Suffolk and Nassau counties which include Centerport, Dix Hills, Northport, Huntington, Huntington Bay, Cold Spring Harbor, Muttontown, Brookville and the Hamptons. Over the past five plus years, our focus has been strictly building homes in the Hamptons.

The differences between building in Suffolk and Nassau counties are the primary rules and regulations as far as building codes which vary from county to county. Also, the architecture of the homes change from county to county as well, but even within the counties, styles of homes can change within different perimeters. For an example, on the East End you have a mixture of modern, transitional, and traditional homes sometimes on the same block as they get closer in proximity of water views.

85 Pelham Street. Independent/Douglas Elliman

The home on Pelham in Southampton is exceptional. How would you define the style of the homes you build?

I would define the homes that I build in terms of style as mostly traditional and transitional. Both categories are distinct on their exteriors and have similar architectural floor plans, which are open concepts.

What is your favorite town to build in?

My favorite town to build in is the township of Southampton because the town has a friendly atmosphere and has a diversity of the homes in this area.

Do you work with specific architects or do you design the home in-house?

I use various architects based on the style of the home we want to build. I am very much involved in both exterior and interior elevations when designing a home with architects.

What is the full range of services that Rosewood Developers offers?

Rosewood Developers provides new construction that can be customized to a customer’s needs and desires. All of our homes are designed with their own distinct architecture. Each home that we design is never duplicated so that they stand out on their own, which makes it a fully custom design.

How important is green building? Can you give any examples?

The main focus of Rosewood Developers, which our reputation is based off of, is building a quality home with solid infrastructure, which includes building green. All of our construction materials that we use are the highest quality in order to achieve our goals.

To specify, when it comes to green building, we use the highest density insulation throughout our homes. We also use high performance heating and cooling equipment to achieve a high index for our HERS Reports.

Quality windows are a big factor when achieving a high-quality green home. Geo-thermal and solar panels are also used to substantiate a high-quality green home.

How involved are you with the homeowners when building? Do they bring their own architects or do you provide this?

Rosewood Developers is based on a hands-on operation to monitor quality in the build. I am 100 percent involved in all phases of construction from start to finish when working with the homeowner. At the end of the day, it’s my job to make the homeowners’ vision turn into a reality.

The choice of architect can vary depending on the customer. Sometimes a customer will have a particular architect they would like to work with. On the other hand, most of my custom homes are built by architects we use.

In what ways are you evolving as a builder?

I am constantly researching new product information and new techniques of construction that will enhance our product.

Are you incorporating any trends that you’ve seen in any of the homes you’re currently building?

A developer always wants to keep up with new trends in the industry. Some of the trends that are tasteful I will incorporate depending on the demand. The most important thing, even with trends, is to be distinct and custom.

When you’re not building luxury homes, what do you do for fun?

When you are a custom builder and you care about your end product and your relationship with your customer, the fun is to make sure that happens. When I do have some down time away from building, I love to spend it with my large family that consists of my brothers, sisters, nieces, and nephews.

Rosewood Developers can be reached by  calling 516-443-9978, emailing rosewooddevelopers@live.com or visiting http://www.rosewooddevelopers.com.