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Bye Bye Burgers

And we never really got over losing Whaleburger.

Now comes word Sag Harbor’s burger joint on The Pike, Bay Burger, is changing hands. Co-owners Liza and Joe Tremblay posted on Facebook that Monday, October 8, is their last day of business because they’ve sold the place. The assumption is it will remain a burger joint but it is not official, nor have the potential buyers been publicly identified. Word is the couple wants to spend more time with their two children.

Locals may recall in the late 1960s the place was a drive-through called Whaleburger, Denny Holder’s vision. It featured culinary treats like Flipper’s Flubber, Ahab’s Revenge, and Cabin Boy Filet. Ok, we made that last one up. Every Wednesday was two-for-one day and the sign outside read, “Sale Ho!”