From Moriches to Montauk this top Nestseekers agent has you covered

Casting A Wide Net With Robert Canberg

Independent/Nestseekers Real Estate

With charm, wit, and an encyclopedic knowledge of the real estate scene, Robert Canberg and his A-team have carved out their widespread clientele that can be found in just about every corner of the North and South forks. Here, we get to know Canberg himself.

Tell us how you got start. We hear you’re a life-long Hamptonite?

Yes. I started many years ago doing real estate on my own, prior to getting licensed, and had some very successful trades early on. It was at that point I then realized that I could be of service, and help others do the same. Overall, it was an easy and natural transition for me, completely centered around helping others, which is my main passion, and really how I built my real estate business.

When did you decide to add commercial real estate to your portfolio?

I didn’t intend to initially. It kind of happened on its own. I had some prior residential clients who were very happy with my services who had reached out to me in regards to their commercial assets and needs. I was open to it, and very familiar with it, so it worked out well.

Do commercial properties require a different skill set when it comes to buying and selling?

Yes and no, but mainly it’s a different mindset. When it comes to commercial properties, it’s more black-and-white. There’s much less emotion.

Which areas of the South Fork do you specialize in, and what made you gravitate toward them?

All of them. Although my office is based in Sag Harbor, my team and I service and run from the Moriches to Montauk and all points in between. We work both sides of the canal successfully, and I am very well versed in all aspects of the lifestyle that each town offers, all of which are so uniquely different at times, which is extremely important in the buying and selling process.

When was the North Fork added to your expertise? Was it a conscious decision?

Not initially. Although I was very familiar with the North Fork, a client called me about his beautiful bayfront home on the Peconic Bay. He was having trouble selling it, but I sold it in less than 30 days. Since then, my team and I happily service the beautiful North Fork, from Wading River to Orient Point.

What’s new and next for you and your Nestseekers team?

Right now, expansion. We are growing in leaps and bounds, and closing deals east and west of the canal, plus all over the North Fork. Although I am extremely happy for this growth, I want to make sure we continue to be consistent in our mindset of service, and that this process is always centered around the needs of our clients. We always put them first, and positioning them correctly in the marketplace to strike the best deal and be successful is our passion and our mission.

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