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Chris Hall & CP Complete: Nice Matters

Chris Hall is responsible for, literally.

Back about a million years ago, one of Hall’s previous incarnations, Peconic Online, made The Independent the very first newspaper on Long Island to be available on the web, even before Newsday. It was Chris who chose the domain name, indyeastend, which we still use today.

Hearing about the high-end services offered at CP Complete (named for Chris and his business partner, Paul Guillo), I wondered, Could that be MY Chris Hall?

Turns out, it is.

Tell me a little bit about the services you offer at CP Complete.

CP Complete is, as the name implies, a complete construction and renovation company. We have a team in place that provides top level carpentry, roofing, siding, kitchens, bathrooms, masonry work, pool houses, landscaping, and all aspects of construction.

My partner, Paul Guillo, and I have each been working in the Hamptons in the construction/service business for over 30 years. During that time, we have formed many relationships and earned a reputation for excellent work and reliability. Therefore, we have been able to cultivate top talent. Not only do we perform quality work, we employ some of the nicest and most trustworthy people in the Hamptons.

What makes your brand different?

CP Complete prides itself in fostering a collaborative effort. We listen very carefully to our clients and work with them to build and create something that is ideal for them and for their family.

What sets CP Complete apart from many construction and renovation companies is that we are a boutique service. We limit the amount of clients that we work with at any given time and focus on only those projects. Therefore, we are able to give our full attention to every detail and finish project on time and on budget.

Through the years we also seem to attract some of the nicest clients. The chemistry we have with our clients and our staff makes the construction process a pleasure.

Tell me about you and Paul and your backgrounds.

Paul Guillo and I have known each other for many years. Paul was born and raised in Southampton and is well known throughout the community as a standup guy. His gentle personality combined with his extensive knowledge of the construction process are key components in the success of CP Complete. Paul is a family man and spends his down time with his wife and children.

In fact, Paul and I met while both coaching our son’s Little League teams. We formed a bond through baseball that led to a friendship, and eventually to a business partnership.

CP Complete often partners with Paul’s excavation company, Guillo Contracting. Guillo Contracting has provided invaluable service to the construction community throughout the years. Having been an entrepreneur based in the Hamptons for over 30 years, I realize all too well that it’s a blessing to have such a fine man as a partner. Our talents and personalities complement each other well.

My professional background is quite diverse. I began my first business in the swimming pool service and construction field at the age of 19. After working myself through college, the business flourished through the ‘80s and early ‘90s. After a dozen years, I sold my portion of the business to a partner and moved on to form an ISP and website development firm. We provided commercial and residential internet access for the tri-state area and created hundreds of web sites, including Hamptons’ staples such as The Hampton Classic, Hampton Jitney, and, of course, for The Independent.

I also produced, and was a part-time host, for Mixed Bag Radio, a show for that ran on Sirius/XM. Working at Mixed Bag Radio was a true pleasure, having had the honor working with my partner, legendary radio personality Pete Fornatale. Within the last several years, I have gone full circle, reentering the construction business, building and renovating residential homes and properties. Paul and I are tremendously proud of our work at CP Complete and have created a work/family balance that has always been our primary goal.

What is an interesting story about one of your projects?

Our most recent project was the construction of a pavilion in East Hampton. We had a very short timeline and a long list of responsibilities. CP Complete began the project in the spring and was able to deliver a beautiful open air pavilion with a custom brick fireplace (and a 55” television above), gorgeous handpicked wooden interior walls, bluestone patio, outdoor kitchen, and exterior design to match the main house. Despite the timeframe for completion, our client worked with us to make quick, well-informed decisions on lighting fixtures, countertops, kitchen amenities, and landscape material to keep the process moving.

What made this job, and many projects, exciting is the organization and planning that went into the design and construction. We enjoy the collaborative process and the excitement that comes with solving daily challenges that eventually lead to something that a family can enjoy for decades to come. I received a text yesterday that brought a smile to my face; our client told me that they have been enjoying their backyard more than they ever could have imagined.

What is the biggest project you’ve done to date? What is the smallest?

The biggest projects are always full home construction. The timeline on home construction begins with many meetings with the client, architect, and our team; hundreds of decisions that must be made.

We have a wonderful relationship with Shannon Wiley of Sea Green Designs for interior decorating and space layout. The landscape design generally includes a custom gunite pool and pool house, and we work with our landscape architect. We often incorporate tennis or basketball courts into the property, bringing in the top builder Joe Murphy and Smart Sport Surfacing.

Every detail matters. Patience is rewarded with a beautiful home. Smaller projects involve less planning and happen much more quickly. For example, CP Complete can build a fantastic outdoor kitchen fairly quickly, with custom masonry, grill, side burners, pizza oven, sink, custom cabinets, refrigerator, wine fridge, ice maker, ample counter space, and all of the amenities of an indoor kitchen.

Is there anything else people should know about CP Complete?

Whether it be an outdoor kitchen, specialty masonry work, a home renovation, or a simple patio, our objective is to leave a lasting imprint on the Hamptons landscape by building something special. We have seen Hamptons estates that are enjoyed for a handful of days throughout the year. CP Complete builds projects that are meant to be enjoyed every day. We’ve been very lucky that we have attracted clients who have been loved our work, and delight in the time they spend each day at their home throughout the summer.

The best way to learn about our work is to visit, the photos and slide shows show CP Complete’s wide breadth of projects.