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Corcoran’s Joan Hegner

Joan Hegner of Corcoran Group.

How did you get into selling luxury real estate in Montauk?
When I decided to “visit” Montauk for the summer, following my graduation from the University of Colorado in 1976, I, like most young folks, started a waitress job. But after a year or so, I was offered a job at one of the founding real estate offices, Craft Real Estate, and decided to give it a go. Well, 40 years later, I am still at it!

When my husband, Ray Hegner, and I merged our own company Sea & Sun Realty with Allan Schneider Associates, our business exploded. In 2006, Corcoran Group acquired Schneider and we are forever grateful to this day to be members of the strongest, most professional, and successful company on the East End.

What differentiates you from all the others? 
Being a part of this business and a member of our community of Montauk for over 40 years has cultivated our extraordinary knowledge, relationships, and tremendous portfolio of sellers, buyers, and renters.

I love my work, and the people I meet and work with are consistently so wonderful that we become not just a business relationship but cultivate friendships that we treasure throughout our lives. I have deep gratitude and respect for this profession and feel blessed every day for it.

What technologies or methods do you use to market your clients?
Our company’s technology and tools at Corcoran are so superior that I have numerous avenues to network, on social media, visibility on our company website which boasts millions of views consistently, and access to web and print ads that are second to none.

In addition, Corcoran’s branding brings us unparalleled exposure in numerous markets. We do incredible referral business as well, both in the states and worldwide, so there is no limit of where we garner perspective buyers and renters.

How has real estate changed in Montauk since you first started?
When I first came to Montauk in the mid-1970s, it was purely a fishing, surfing, and strictly summer destination. When Labor Day rolled around, we literally experienced “Tumbleweed Tuesday” where the streets quieted down and many businesses started to close their doors for the “winter.” Not so today!

How do you feel about the popularity of Montauk in the last decade?
Over the past dozen years, we have seen the allure of Montauk bring a totally diversified clientele. Many venues offer not only eating establishments, but music, which brings in a younger crowd.

In recent years, both Gurney’s and the Montauk Yacht Club have raised the bar of extraordinary levels of exclusivity for the luxury clientele.

What advice do you give homeowners that would like to sell their home?
I find that many sellers have deep emotion and connection to their homes out here, so I try to educate them as best I can to the current market trends, coupled with the uniqueness of the property and home, and come to a common goal to market it in timely fashion.

What trends have you noticed about real estate homes in Montauk?
One key feature we all know, is they aren’t making any more land! Real estate will always have superb future value in Montauk. Owners are selling small, cottage style homes for great return which are now being leveled to build newer, larger homes.

Why is Corcoran the brokerage you chose?
Although Corcoran is a large company, the dynamic truly feels like a large family. We all have garnered such long-lasting relationships, ones that we are all forever grateful for, and have reaped the rewards year after year.

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