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Corcoran’s Tim Davis

Timothy Davis. Courtesy The Corcoran Group.

Timothy Davis has an eye for the best. When it comes to his properties, he’s teamed up with Corcoran to offer a unique suite of rare and wonderfully covetable residences that any one of us would be happy to call home. In this week’s Real Realty segment, get to know Davis himself, and you’ll easily see that hard work pays off for a man who does, indeed, live and breathe the business.

You notably grew your own brokerage firm, Allan Schneider associates, before selling the firm to NRT/Corcoran in 2006. Chronicle that journey and some of the highlights.

They were some of the best times in the market and an experience of a lifetime. We grew the firm from five offices to 12 offices over a 15-year time period and hired and retained the best talent in the brokerage industry. Many of the top producing agents in the region worked with us, and some still work for Corcoran today.

You’ve been with Corcoran for over a decade now. Why is it the perfect fit for you?

The sale to Corcoran was strategic. They have a strong infrastructure, which includes support and staff, both in technology and senior management. A strong referral network was also very important to me, along with a powerhouse anchor in New York – two key components for developing a network with markets that feed in and out of the Hamptons.

Corcoran gave all of its brokers a word that described them perfectly. Why was ‘commitment’ yours?

My 38-year career speaks for itself in that way, as I have proven this to my clients and customers over the years. I am committed to honoring their interests and shepherding them through a transaction which is often one of the most important in their lives.

The Wall Street Journal has twice named you the number one broker in the hamptons. What does it take to earn such an honor?

Living and breathing this business 24/7 and believing in yourself. It also takes being an expert in the market and retaining the year after year data. I’m often asked how do I remember this or that? Who owned this home and that property, the historical nature of the real estate evolution on the East End.

I’m an expert at one thing – the Hamptons real estate market. Timing and some luck helps too.

What are some hallmark properties you’ve sold that stand out?

From the early days, the Stone house on the ocean in Montauk and the West Banks subdivision when it was sold in foreclosure through North Fork Bank, to the “Westerly” estate and “Wooldon Manor,” both in Southampton, and each of which I sold twice. Also, several oceanfront homes on Further Lane, each of which has a story behind it. I could write a book…

What can sellers and buyers expect as a signature Timothy Davis touch?

My personal attention to every detail in the overall marketing and the presentation is evident and recognizable.

Have your methods changed since your early days in the business? If so, how?

One needs to stay relevant in a changing environment and adjusting with the times is critical. Staying true to your client and using the same basic sales skills for retaining and recruiting new business doesn’t really change.

How do you predict the luxury real estate market will shift out east?

The highest demand for the best location and setting will continue to be the driving force. Record prices for the most unique building sites and waterfront settings, whether ocean or bay.

You have taken to updating your audience on social media. What is your favorite channel for this form of marketing and why?

I like using Instagram, as it is easy to use and has immediate response. It helps me to convey some personality and allows me to share some of my private life with the audience. It all requires balance though.

You recently had your first grandchild. Congratulations! Is it hard transitioning within a day from one of the most powerful real estate players in the nation to grandpa on demand?

My granddaughter will call me Poppy, and it is an awesome experience. My wife of 36 years and I are fortunate to have three wonderful boys (now young men) aged from 22 to 28. Our middle son got married at our home last June, and we are blessed to have this beautiful little girl nine months later in our life. When asked if there was anything missing in my life? My answer has always been having had a daughter. Now I have the best of both.

What’s your elevator pitch to a prospect thinking about calling you to represent his compound on the East End?

My commitment to providing the best marketing plan and helping that seller achieve the highest possible price in the market.

Any advice to real estate rookies?

Find a mentor and work with that person. Listen and learn. Follow the advice. There are no short-cuts and you cannot start at the top.

What are some of your favorite places to relax in the Hamptons?

Where we built our family home “Davis Creek” in an exceptionally beautiful setting, with spectacular west facing waterfrontage and views of tidal creeks, marsh, and the Peconic Bay.

Anything you’re really excited about in the upcoming 2018 season?

It’s long overdue! Seriously, the weather has been terrible and we are looking forward to the warm weather and enjoying the natural outdoor environment here on the East End. The U.S. Open Golf Championship will be a great kick off to summer, which will bring a great burst of energy.