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Dow Lends Artistic Eye To Interiors

Elizabeth Dow

Elizabeth Dow Home is an all-encompassing interior design firm specializing in wall coverings and textiles. Owner of the East Hampton firm, Elizabeth Dow, credits her interest in interior design to mentor Florence Barron.

Barron, a Detroit-based art collector who commissioned Andy Warhol’s first self-portrait in the early 1960s, taught Dow about modern interiors and artists such as Cy Twombly, Sam Francis, and Robert Rauschenberg. These lessons inspired Dow, who had originally studied as a painter, to explore the world of home décor.

Her company works on projects in New York City, the East End and beyond, taking on projects wherever the clients are.

How did you get into the interior design business?
After many years of making hand painted wallpaper, getting into textiles was the next logical extension of my career.

With so much of my career focused on “walls,” starting with the restoration of ceiling and wall paintings in historic museum houses, then moving into making hand painted wallcoverings, it made sense that my first textile designs started with drapery (an extension of the wall!)

I have always been a fan of Sheila Hicks, Annie Albers, and Louise Bourgeoise. All of these women have an incredible vision with respect to woven textiles. I recently held a workshop with both the Fiber Arts and Interior Design departments at Savannah College of Art and Design. This summer we hope to launch a Fiber Arts Show in collaboration with SCAD.

What is the signature Elizabeth Dow Home touch?
I think we have established a reputation for classic, elegant, and organic interiors. Our aesthetic of calming neutral colors against great timeless textures seems to be the winning combination for our clients, both in the city and out east.

Tell me about the new addition, ‘The Collective.’
The collective is a combination of wallcoverings and fabrics that work together as a collective. In addition to the upholstery fabrics, we have introduced a number of wide width drapery fabrics. The color and texture all are relatable and work together well as a curated group . . . much like a group show in the art world. Thus, the name Collective.

What are the most popular trends in wallcoverings right now?
We are getting a lot of interest in our new cork wallcoverings, as well as our new summery and billowy curtain fabrics.

Your style seems to depict a sense of comfortable escape. Is travel at all an influence?
Travel is always an influence. Our rugs are hand made in Morocco and Turkey. Distant cultures inspire our lifestyle and our experience. Experience, and exposure to a variety of design aesthetics, is a commodity that is priceless. Like a book well written, a memory kept, and a discovery on the horizon, life can be a beautiful thing when savored.

How does your approach to staging differ from interior design?
We approach staging like an interior design project. We draw out floor plans and try and develop each room as if the house were our client. Staging, unlike interior design, is trying to capture the essence of the house in an effort to highlight the best way to live in each room or space. Staging is the beginning of the story, or visualization, in hopes to give a buyer enough confidence to move forward with the purchase.

What are some of your favorite things?
I love Apparatus Lighting, handmade pillows, indigo, grey wood, and the color of natural wool fiber.

How does art, design, and lifestyle tie together for you?
I studied as a painter. I have a great admiration for artists locally and internationally. Art is my true passion. I hope to influence my clients toward making art an integral part of their life, as well as their interior.

Art is the glue, design is the addiction, and the lifestyle doesn’t get much better when you can wake up every day in the Hamptons . . . or other beautiful places in the world!

Visit the Elizabeth Dow Home showroom at 14 Gingerbread Lane in East Hampton. To learn more, visit or email