Experience Has Its Advantages

East Bay Builders

Independent/Courtesy East Bay Builders

With decades of experience, Jim Naples, the owner of East Bay Builders, has seen it all. He has mastered not only the classic Hamptons architectural style but added modern before it was trendy on the East End. With this experience, he has incorporated in-depth knowledge of green building techniques, solar especially, into most builds. We caught up with Naples to learn more about his custom-build and renovation/remodel services that are highly sought after on the East End.

How did you get started as a builder? Was this industry what you always wanted to pursue?

My family members are long-time construction people. My father was in the commercial end of business, my brother built in both the commercial and residential space, my father-in-law was a Hamptons builder throughout the 1950s, ’60s, and early ’70s. I studied architecture and stayed with the construction end of the business.

How did you transition from a remodeling construction company to a high-end custom builder? Was this because a client took a job a major step forward?

No, not at all. I always did both. Of course, we love the complete high-end new home construction and put our hearts and souls into every project. We also specialize in major and minor high-end renovations and remodels. I actually do more of that. We build custom homes for clients, of course, but also consult home buyers and realtors for remodel and renovation projects of existing homes.

Do you work with certain architects or is it a bidding situation for your beautiful homes?

We do have respectable relationships with several architects whereas we pass leads to them and occasionally get the same passed to us. I strongly believe that a tight relationship between builder and architect is critical for the benefit of the client.

Bidding wars can become a mess and a headache for the client. Trust in the architect and builder streamlines the process enormously. With that said, come on in, architects — I’m ready to work with you!

How closely do you work with the homeowners to determine the build against their lifestyle needs?

We commit ourselves to working with the homeowners to explore their needs, dreams, and budgets to accommodate and plan any project. During and after any size project, we guide them along with making selections. We can guide them in the right direction once we have their vision and budget in place. We never believe in making it a burden and always strive to make it an exciting journey for them.

How do you incorporate green building technologies into your homes?

We incorporate the latest materials and technologies for safe, efficient, energy-conservative measures, including solar installations, on most projects.

Do you ever spec build?

I have been speculative over the years with my own homes I’ve built and renovated. As my children have grown and family changed, we often found ourselves selling and moving onto another project. I’m thinking of doing more speculative building in the near future.

Do you have relationships with certain real estate agents who you bring on board if you do work in spec building?

I’ve been thinking a lot about that recently. We’re very interested in talking to those interested realtors.

Where do you build, generally?

We are licensed all over Long Island. We predominantly have worked from Moriches to Montauk and all over the North Fork, which we love. We are currently doing a major rebuild in Old Westbury which was the former residence of Howard Stern that was purchased by my client.

Are there any building or design trends that you particularly like?

Not necessarily. It’s always interesting to be on top of latest trends and technologies, especially the smart home and AV trends, which are demanding and very popular.

Can you describe the East Bay Builders style for potential homeowners?

From traditional to contemporary to the ultra-modern. We have the experience and insight to provide the best craftsmanship for any new home or turn that old home into a new one.

Do you follow any periodicals or websites for inspiration?

We stay on top of builder sites and magazine sites as well as legal trends involving the industry. We are A+ accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

Do you offer post-build services, like maintenance?

Yes, as well as being there when called on by my previous clients for any warranty, maintenance, or repair issues beyond contractual warranty.

Do you offer architecture or landscaping services in-house?

We certainly do. Our architects and landscapers are integral parts of our team.

To learn more about Naples or inquire about his building services, call 516-807-2649 or visit www.eastbaybuildersinc.com.