New software is robust and intuitive

Elliman Studio: ‘From Montauk To Malibu’

Real estate is a business that usually involves big bucks here on the East End. That’s why the software that helps agents conduct their business is so important to get right.

Fortunately for Douglas Elliman agents, the brokerage is rolling out a new business management platform that will help them crush their businesses. Coming from the largest brokerage in the New York metro area and the second largest independent brokerage in the United States by sales volume, Elliman’s new software is called Elliman Studio.

“Elliman Studio is going to revolutionize the way Elliman agents across the country do business,” said Scott Durkin, president and chief operating officer of Douglas Elliman. “Technology progresses quickly in our industry, and we are enormously proud to be at the forefront of new advances that improve our agents’ ability to serve their customers and clients efficiently and effectively,” he said.

“Elliman Studio is a national initiative for our 7000 agents, from Montauk to Malibu, and part of our commitment to providing them best-in-class service,” added Durkin. “We took the best of what is out there from CRMs, business, and marketing management tools and customized it for all of our agents onto one very robust and intuitive platform.”

The software was developed in partnership with a third-party company and custom built based on six months of testing and input from a beta group of top Elliman agents.

While this sounds pretty good, we were slightly skeptical. We asked Durkin, “Many agents aren’t especially tech-savvy. How easy is the software to use?” He replied, “Elliman Studio was developed very deliberately to be incredibly intelligent and intuitive. And while we are, of course, offering very informed training programs for Elliman Studio, I am confident that our agents will find it easy to use from day one.”

The tools included fall into three groups: client management, business management, and marketing tools.

For client management, the software boasts automatic cross-check of buyer and seller profiles, to match people and properties in seconds. Agents can manage leads in one place, consolidating them from sources like, Zillow,, StreetEasy, and so on, and automatically convert them into contacts.

Elliman Studio also allows for simple tracking and tagging of contacts; it can monitor agent contacts’ status and be alerted when to follow-up as well as auto-populate contact profiles from saved inquiries, searches, and listings. That last feature strikes us as extremely handy, frankly.

Business management tools make it easy to monitor closings and earnings 24/7 via a sales pipeline, identify opportunities to help reach commission and sales goals, and track progress throughout the year. Agents can also sync calendars across Google, Outlook, and other platforms, and be secure that their valuable data is safeguarded.

Every agent knows that marketing their business is crucial to success. Elliman Studio allows them to cross-market listings with agents nationwide, auto-send materials by broadcasting updates to clients (keeping the conversation going), and perhaps most intriguingly, the software lets agents build property websites “in just a few clicks with dedicated domains that will be live on and ready for direct marketing efforts,” according to a statement.

We asked Durkin, “If I wanted to build my own website using the software, how knowledgeable should I be?” He replied, “Building a custom property website on Elliman Studio is as easy as one, two, three; especially upon completion of one of the many online or in person training programs our technology team is offering in the Hamptons and around the country.”

Finally, we wondered how Elliman Studio compares to the other systems. “There is no competition,” Durkin said. “Elliman Studio combines the best in CRM, marketing, and business management tools in one place. It truly is like no other. With Elliman Studio, our agents are simultaneously maintaining a strategic and comprehensive communications plan with clients and customers, producing important marketing pieces such as exclusive listing websites, and staying ahead of their business to date, their business goals, and day-to-day operations,” he said.

“After extensive research and design, we are thrilled to deliver an agent-facing, feature-rich business management platform that will enhance the productivity and profitability of our agents,” concluded Durkin. “Elliman Studio is user-friendly and intuitive and we look forward to delivering it to our agents in the next few weeks.”