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Elliman’s Katherine Swann-Santarem

Katherine Swann-Santarem. Independent/Ty Wenzel

It’s no secret that it takes a village to sell a home, no matter where it lands on the map, and here, we’ve got proof. Enter Katherine Swann-Santarem and Patrick McLaughlin. While Katherine spearheads agent performance as the Director of Listings for Douglas Elliman’s Hamptons region, Patrick is busy showing off all of the coveted properties on offer. Together, along with their team of talented staff, their brokerage has quickly risen to the top of their game.

What is the role of Director of Listings, Hamptons Region?
The role of a Director of Listings, for the Hamptons Region of Douglas Elliman, is flexible, fluid, and broad in scope, multifaceted to say the least. First and foremost, the focus is on improving the available tools at the agents’ fingertips, to better facilitate their ability to perform. In tandem, the role also includes collaborating with multiple levels of staff, from local to regional.
The end goal is to improve our information systems and databases while creating a warm and welcoming environment for both agents and employees to share their input regarding what changes, updates, and/or upgrades would best suit their individual and collective needs.

Why is having a Director of Listings important?
It is important to have a Director of Listings as an added layer of protection and quality control. To have a third party observe, assess, implement, and manage the collective execution of improvements to Douglas Elliman’s databases online listings is invaluable.

How does this differentiate Douglas Elliman from other brokerages?
The role of Director of Listings, Hamptons Region, differentiates Douglas Elliman from other brokerages substantially. Essentially, this role ensures that there is someone dedicated — at a Regional level — to being the Hamptons-local voice of both agents and staff with regard to our ever-evolving databases and systems.

How are you uniquely qualified for this role?
I am uniquely qualified for this role on a number of fronts. To begin, I am service-oriented and person-centric. I am formally trained in psychology and law, holding a Master’s of Forensic Psychology from Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia, amongst other degrees. I am a former professor in the health and wellness fields with acute attention to detail and extensive experience applying my education to my roles in both management and sales.

I have been on both sides of the coin in Hamptons real estate. I have been an agent in the field myself and have also played integral staff roles at companies large and small. I work exceptionally well within a team and encourage all collaborators to use their talents toward execution of a successful campaign. I consider myself creative, yet adaptable, and excel at recognizing connections that had perhaps gone unnoticed before.

I live for metrics. I understand common terms, how to collect data, and more important, how to analyze and use it to improve our listings and processes. I am also adept at analyzing human emotion.

Whether it is clients, agents, or fellow staff, I am able to quickly identify the emotion that we need to target to reach our end goals. I realize that understanding a person’s emotions is what will ultimately make them list with us and/or buy what we are selling.

Why did you choose Douglas Elliman?
I chose Douglas Elliman because of its deep roots in the real estate industry, both locally and nationwide. I recognize the incredible growth potential of this company and am tremendously grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it. Add to this; at Douglas Elliman there is a rich, diverse, community of agents and staff — and inclusion is extremely important to me. I am also always constantly learning via company courses in many areas of real estate, across many locations. Further, I stand for what the company stands for: being passionate — day in and day out — about delivering exceptional consumer experiences.

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