Another Rose Blooms, This Time In Interior Design

Emma Rose

Independent/Ty Wenzel

Based in Westhampton Beach, Emma Rose joined the acclaimed architecture firm, John David Rose Architect, to head its interior design branch. As John is her father-in-law, she is keeping the growing trend of architects and builders offering interior design services in the family.

Emma, your work is based in Westhampton Beach, but with all the work being done to Main Street, how are you coping?

Once the construction was fully underway, I found myself spending more time working in our Southampton architectural office. I am working on several projects that overlap with the architectural services, and it is nice to spend some time in that office collaborating and working alongside the Southampton architectural team.

I still frequently work from Westhampton Beach as well. Our Westhampton Beach office is open by appointment and I divide my time between both offices. Once Westhampton Beach road construction is complete, I will be back there full-time.

You head the interior design department of John David Rose Architect. Is it a new department?

Yes. We started our new Interior Design Division under John David Rose Architect this past spring. The firm has always provided full architectural services, however John found it more and more common that clients request additional interior design related services as well.

Prior to the transition, I had been working primarily for a lighting design firm in Southampton but was ready to focus back on interiors. This is such a natural fit.

How is it advantageous to use an in-house interior designer?

One of the most beneficial reasons is ease of communication. I have access to all drawings and documents as quickly as they are generated, and since I am involved early on, I am able to coordinate architectural decisions as they relate to and benefit the interior design of the space.

Also, it enables me to create relationships with the client much sooner. I can be involved as needed from the start and it makes the process much more streamlined and efficient.

What happens if a homeowner wants to use their own?

This branch was not intended to compete, but rather complement services our firm has to offer. This is one reason we have two separate offices. If clients want to use their own architect, not only do we support, but we encourage them to do so.

I am available for interior services for clients with other architects without them fearing competition from our architectural office.

How did you get started in the industry?

I knew I wanted to focus on interior design from a young age. I come from a large family of architects, designers, and engineers. I received my four-year degree from Philadelphia University for interior design, and continued to work in Philadelphia for several years, focusing on many types of commercial and residential interior design.

After moving to the East End in 2016, I focused on lighting design for a period of time and then began planning the new interior design division for John David Rose Architect. We renovated one of John’s existing architectural offices on Main Street, Westhampton Beach to house the interior design office.

How would you describe your interior design style?

The best way I can describe my design style is by combining not one but several elements — light and airy, overall modern ideas but traditional references throughout.

I enjoy laying a foundation with neutral palettes and simplicity, from there adding layers of supporting components such as wood grain, textures, and details. But of course, I can incorporate my knowledge according to my client’s vision.

Independent/John David Rose Architect

What are some interesting trends you’re noticing?

I am noticing a common blending of styles. Our clients, in particular, are leaning towards traditional shingle-style exteriors while integrating more contemporary interiors focusing on a simple aesthetic and often easy maintenance finishes.

Other current design trends include open floor plans and first-floor master suites. I find with the projects I have worked on, that a fresh, uncomplicated design is key on the East End.

Do you take clients outside of John David Rose Architect’s office?

I definitely take clients outside the architectural firm. I enjoy collaborating with our full architectural studio, however the interior design office is intended to be used as a stand-alone business. One of my first projects after opening the doors of the new division was an independent project for a home office in Manhattan.

Do the homeowners call you direct?

The homeowners will call me directly or inquire about interior design services through various sources. Often, they will reach out through the architectural firm currently handling the project, all with the comfort of knowing John David Rose Architect is not in competition with any other architectural design firm. This was a major consideration with regard to geographically separating the architectural and interior offices.

Do you do any staging work? What are some tips for how to stage one’s home for a fast and efficient sale?

Yes. I do have experience staging. I really enjoy it and I can service as much or as little as the client needs. Tips on how to stage for a quick sale would be to focus on consistency and also think about what most people find appealing.

I often see bold statements or colors overly incorporated into staged homes for sale, when the reality is, only a small percentage of people may truly enjoy that particular style. If you are able to keep the design open, simple, and clean, you can let the space speak for itself.

If money were no object, what would you love to design?

If money were no object, I would love to design my own dream home here on the East End sourcing finishes from all over the world. My husband and I prioritize travel, and it is amazing seeing how different cultures interpret interior design and architecture. I particularly love touring and studying castles across Europe.

What books, websites, or magazines do you refer to for inspiration?

I use Pinterest, Houzz, and Instagram for much of my inspiration. The web is an incredibly fast way to build a package with reference imagery and new ideas. I also find myself browsing Luxe Magazine, Architectural Digest, and Interior Design Magazine, as they provide updates on what’s trending and new.

For books, I have a huge shelf in my office containing interior design literature accumulated over time from gifts, school, friends, and colleagues.

What do you like to do on your downtime?

I am often traveling to see friends and family all across the east coast. I enjoy running local 5Ks and my husband and I are currently training for a half-marathon. My in-laws own an equestrian center on the North Fork as well. I love visiting and riding when I have down time.

In the summertime, of course, I love spending as much time as possible at the beach or on the water — swimming, wake boarding, everything.

Anything you’d like to add?

Even though the interior design branch of John David Rose Architect is relatively new, it is backed by a firm that has been in business for over 25 years. I am so fortunate to be growing alongside such a well-established architectural firm. I am excited and eager to develop projects of all shapes, sizes, and locations.

To reach Rose or inquire about her services, call 631-684-9990 or email