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T&C Lands Vanessa Sanmartin

Imagine looking at a house to buy and being able to ask your real estate agent a sticky legal question in the middle of the showing. Vanessa Sanmartin is that kind of agent. “She’s a lawyer!” you say. No, she’s agent with Town & County Real Estate. But she does has a doctorate from Hofstra University School of Law. As we say in Brooklyn, where Sanmartin grew up, “It doesn’t hurt!”

With her eye on real estate, she earned a Bachelor of Science in marketing from St. John’s University before law school. That blend of marketing savvy, business background, and legal acumen is key to her success in real estate, which began in NYC selling luxury apartments.

In the Hamptons, Sanmartin established herself set sales records.

“I prepare in advance,” she said. “I know my clients and customers very well. I know what they want, and I make those connections. Most important to me is that I sell what I list.”

An avid traveler, Sanmartin speaks Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and French. She has successfully utilized her multilingual abilities by creating and running a profitable legal interpreting company. She also has textbook smarts — teaching various graduate-level business courses.

“Here in the Hamptons, it’s all about the ambiance,” Sanmartin said. “I love the restaurants, boating, the beaches, and vineyards.”

By the way, don’t take her up on it if she offers to play a “friendly match” with you at one of the luxury estates in her portfolio. She is a former Division I tennis player at St. John’s University.

Rechler Funds School Program

Rechler Equity Partners LLC this week announced that a $10,000 grant from the Workforce Development Institute was awarded to the Hampton Bays School District to create an educational hospitality program. Beginning this fall, the program, which has been designed to provide training and educational experiences that prepare students for available career opportunities at hospitality venues, will take students to Canoe Place Inn.

“Back in 2010, we made a commitment to partner with the Hampton Bays community to plan the rehabilitation of the iconic Canoe Place Inn and to develop the Hampton Boathouses,” said Gregg Rechler, co-managing partner of Rechler Equity Partners. “Providing Hampton Bays High School seniors with an opportunity to jumpstart their careers in hospitality management is just one of the many tangible results of this collaborative partnership.”

“We are proud to see this program come to fruition because of what it will mean to those students looking to pursue a career in hospitality,” said Mitchell Rechler, co-managing partner of Rechler Equity Partners. “Through our comprehensive community-based planning process, it was quickly determined that there was a lot of interest in creating a program like this.”