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Thiele: Rental Law May Be Modified

State Assemblyman Fred Thiele hopes he can have a new state law amended that will make it easier to rent a house this summer.

Last year, Governor Andrew Cuomo pushed through legislation that limits how much rent money landlords can ask tenants for up front when they move in. The new standard, one month, differs markedly from the summer rental market, where would-be renters typically pay in advance for the whole season.

Thiele has introduced Assembly Bill 8546, which would, in essence, exempt seasonal rentals. “The law was focused on permanent housing,” he said of Cuomo’s law.

Thiele said he’s been working the rounds in Albany lining up support. “I’m confident the bill will pass,” he said, “hopefully in a couple weeks.”

Rooftop Gem In Montauk

It feels like you’re on top of the world. Well you are, kind of. This nicely perched Montauk gem is equipped with a rooftop pool. Add endless views, day and night, and it indeed feels like you are as lucky as Jack in “Titanic” – assuming you don’t end up like he did. Luckily, in the Hamptons, icebergs are few and far between.

Modern and marvelous, this $8.49-million property sits eloquently on an acre with a 5700-square-foot designer home tucked in perfectly.

Walls of glass feature truly panoramic views, adding to the allure of this five-bedroom, five-and-a-half-bath modern masterpiece. Represented by Andrew Azoulay and Dana Brockway of Douglas Elliman, and Chris Coleman of Saunders, the property features beautifully landscaped grounds protected by mature indigenous trees, an expansive rooftop deck, luxe interiors and amenities, and top-of-the-line construction and systems. Architecture and construction are by West Chin Architects, Designers, and Decorators, and Tom Abraham of Abraham Development, respectively.

It’s a long way from steerage, that’s for sure.