Gibson & Dehn founder and CEO Michael Dehn Breault serves on the ARF board who adopted their first rescue dog from the organization 15 years ago.

Gibson & Dehn Light The Way



The Animal Rescue Fund Thrift & Treasure Shop in Sagaponack was transformed into a show house on Saturday, May 26, complete with elegant fixtures and luxurious home décor. It was decorated for its Designer Show House charity event, which was sponsored by the luxury home fragrance line, Gibson & Dehn.

Gibson & Dehn founder and CEO Michael Dehn Breault also serves on the ARF board. He became involved after he and his husband, Gordon Hoppe, adopted their first rescue dog from the organization 15 years ago.

Here, Breault dishes on his business.

How does your family background influence your current business?
My uncle runs our family business, Dehn’s Flowers, in Saratoga Springs, NY. Gibson & Dehn is my grandparent’s namesake that pays homage to the family business, but they are separate. I was inspired to carry on our family’s 125-year experience in the floral business through distinctive home fragrance products. Flowers, candles, and scent, in my opinion, are the ultimate essentials to creating a home.

How do you develop new fragrances?
Our core launch collection features six fragrances that truly represent the heart of the fragrance palette. We have Fruit with Rhubarb & Quince, Aromatic with White Tea & Cedar, Citrus with Champagne Sorbet, Floral with Peony & Hyacinth, Fresh with Coastline, and Gourmand with Vanilla Chiffon. We will regularly expand our fragrance offerings through studying market trends and working with our master perfumer partners to create exquisite scents.

What are the differences in experience between using a candle and a diffuser?
Reed diffusers are your “background music” for scenting your home, as they provide a continuous fragrance experience. Candles will provide a heightened fragrance experience and ambience when lit. As we use fine fragrances, our candles and diffusers are designed to work beautifully together to layer fragrance within your home. Our eight-ounce candles have a burn time of approximately 50 hours and our six-ounce reed diffusers last approximately six months.

What is the importance of scent to a memory?
Your sense of smell is your keenest sense. When we smell a scent, it is processed into two areas of the brain that are both strongly implicated in emotion and memory. You will notice the way someone’s home smells well before you notice how well it is decorated or how clean it might be. This is often why we tend to associate memories with certain scents we take in — whether that might be the personal fragrance worn by someone you know or used to know, or the scent of someone’s home where you spent time with them.

What are some popular fragrances now?
The more popular fragrances fall into categories that have always had a following such as Fruit, Citrus, and Fresh. A popular trend is Champagne themed fragrances, which is why we chose to launch with Champagne Sorbet as our Citrus offering. For the holiday season, tree-themed fragrances have seemed to dominate.

What are your plans for the future? 
As a design and manufacturing firm in the fragrance category, we are constantly looking at what’s next. First on our list, we are working on a three-wick candle version to extend our home fragrance collection. We have other home fragrance elements we are looking into for the future as well but haven’t ruled out leveraging our personal care product capabilities as a future extension of our brand.