Michael Del Piero seeks out timeless interiors to suit the well-traveled

Good Design Brings Global Influence To Wainscott

Michael Del Piero started her interior design company, Good Design, in 2007. The Memphis, TN native currently lives in Chicago, where she raised two daughters and opened her first interior design studio and shop space in 2008. She also lives part-time in Amagansett, and has been visiting the Hamptons for decades. She opened up Good Design’s studio and shop location this year, at 372 Montauk Highway in Wainscott, called Michael Good Design with Lukas Machnik Hamptons.

The world is her inspiration for decorating intimate homes by bringing global travels to her clients.

Is Wainscott Good Design’s only East Coast location? Why did you wait 10 years to open a second location?

Yes, though we have taken interior design projects in other East Coast locations. I have been working out on the East Coast for years, but this Hamptons expansion was always very important to me, and it took me that long to find the perfect space to match the vision.

Why the Hamptons?

I personally very much enjoy spending time in the Hamptons; it’s a lifestyle choice for me. Furthermore, I find the Hamptons landscape and aesthetic especially inspiring as a designer, and our aesthetic and our approach have been a very natural fit here. But certainly, additional locations are under consideration.

You spent two decades as an executive coach before becoming an interior designer. Tell us about that transition.

In my role as a designer, communication is extremely important and I obviously had a lot of experience with C-Suite level professionals in my executive coaching business. My current clients have a similar professional profile, and that experience has been a real asset for me in speaking their language.

Where do you source most of your pieces from?

I source my pieces from my travels all over the world, from France to the Netherlands to Asia to Africa and South America. Items from each part of the world have unique characteristics that complement and play off each other when juxtaposed.

We additionally seek out a wide range of artists and artisans. Provenance is important, but personality of objects is more so.

As a world traveler, what international places influence your design?

The South of France is one of my favorite destinations, as is the Netherlands. But each place I have visited, or travel to regularly, has its own unique influence on my perspective and philosophy. Obviously, the aesthetics of each region impacts me, but also the landscape, the people, the quirks of the culture, the architecture, and the food and music as well. All of these experiences weave together to create a dynamic experience for me.

What is the single object, or perhaps a collection, every world traveler should keep in his or her home?

We really believe in consolidated and cohesive collectibles. With a limited color palette, it becomes easier to add in items from all over the world, and the focus is maintained on the details and the personalities and the textures of each object. So, having perimeters allows world travelers to collect international objects that really play well together.

How would you describe your style?

My aesthetic is traveled and textural. I have a very European sensibility about high quality items with a no-nonsense slant. I also tend towards timeless design and multipurpose furniture layouts.

We believe that true luxury is not only livable, but it’s anchored by items that are designed and customized to suit a specific client and his or her space, accented by one-of-a-kind pieces that no one else has. Depth, character, functionality, personalization, and personality are so important to develop a successful project.

Give an example of how you’d mix luxury with modern and ancient touches.

We often mix sumptuous fabrics in clean spaces with cool and unusual international art and artifacts. We’re also very sensitive to each client’s unique needs, hobbies, and lifestyles: from entertainers, to high traffic families, to lone rangers. We want people to come home to a space that reflects and inspires them, and as a result, we have a great deal of repeat clients for whom we have done several homes.

How did you get involved with 1st Dibs?

I met Michael Bruno, the founder, in the Hamptons at his house. He was just beginning the idea of including dealers from the U.S., starting with New York and the Hamptons. When he decided to include Chicago, he contacted me, and I was thrilled to be included. It was a natural fit.

Where do you like to explore when on the East End of Long Island?

I love the outdoors there, such as paddleboarding in Springs, or biking to the lighthouse in Montauk. I love RE Steele’s shop at the Red Horse Plaza that is just jam packed with cool art and antiques.


To learn more, visit the website at www.hamptonsgooddesign.com.