Julia Grayson is the founding partner of Grayson De Vere.

Grayson De Vere Sets The Stage

Julia Grayson by Chi Chi Ubina.

Julia Grayson is the founding partner of Grayson De Vere, a luxury interior design firm established in London in the 1990s. Upon moving back to the United States and needing to sell her former home, Grayson discovered her talent for staging properties and thus began another sector of business in 2014, residential staging.

As Grayson’s talent developed, so did the demand for her services. She opened the Interior Design Boutique in East Hampton in May 2017, opening a second location in Greenwich, Connecticut in March of this year.

The Goddess Victory, a statue in Hyde Park, London, became a symbolic figure to Grayson, representing resilience, purpose, and quality, and thus became the logo for Grayson De Vere.

What is it about Greenwich, East Hampton, and London that draws you?
London, the Hamptons, and Greenwich are a few of my favorite places where I live and play and where Grayson De Vere has established a presence, either through our design studio, a pop-up, or a shop. We do, however, work with projects and clients further afield than these center points, such as Italy and Montana.

I was originally drawn to these areas because of the energy, the light, and the people. The confluence creates culturally interesting, visually dynamic, and intrinsically sophisticated experiences that inspire me.

What about the Hamptons In particular inspires you?
The light in the Hamptons is so striking. Though it alters through the seasons, I love the colors and textures of the sky, the land, and the sea. The people that are drawn to the Hamptons are so interesting and full of life and energy. Lastly, there is a juxtaposition between traditional and modern, minimalist and luxury, and local and international which always makes for a great mix.

Are there certain pieces essential in staging a room for potential buyers?
The most important aspect of staging is to create smooth visuals and maintain scale. Most stagers use smaller scale rugs and less expensive furniture. We install designer furnishings that are appropriate for our client’s luxury properties. I find that if the scale is not believable, one loses value. I start with the right size rug to set the stage correctly.

What are The Warehouse and The Back Room?
The Warehouse and The Back Room are located at our dedicated warehouse facility in Port Chester, NY, which houses our deep inventory of designer furnishings and accessories. The Warehouse offers the opportunity for designers and clients to gain private access to designer furnishings for immediate delivery.

The Back Room offers access to floor models and vintage pieces that we collect and source. Having grown up in New York, I always remembered the back room at Loehmann’s, where one would find the most amazing designer clothing at great value. Grayson De Vere’s The Back Room honors this spirit.

Are there certain pieces from your travels you’d like to describe?
My most recent trip was to Marrakesh — my first time in Morocco. The colors and textures were amazing. Each of my trips is different in the inspiration they bring. In Marrakesh, I was mesmerized by the sights and sounds of the souks, the texture of the woven carpets, the patina of the metal lanterns, and the beauty of vintage pieces and indigenous architecture. These impressions will evolve into my designs as well as appear in various ways in our shop.

Do you have a company motto?
Less a motto and more an ethos. As expressed through our logo [The Goddess Victory], we are calm and clear in our creative intention and offer both subtlety and strength when creating interiors, combining immersive and interesting elements that evoke balance, pleasure, wellness, and style.

What is it about a home that captivates you?
I always respond immediately to a property from the moment I enter. Most often, it is the light and scale of a space that I sense as I first walk through. Though I do have what is often seen as a signature style, I admire many different genres of architecture and always draw from the best of a property when re-interpreting the space. Light, scale, and flow are extremely important. The rest can be adjusted.

How else do you spend your time?
I particularly enjoy the Hamptons in the off season, when only the hardiest remain. I am also spending a little more time engaging in my favorite pastime of hunting and gathering. Whether for a project or for the shop, I have been busy sourcing exciting new finds for our newest shop, located at 23 Lewis Street, Greenwich, CT. Come see us!

Visit http://www.graysondevere.com or email GDV@graysondevere.com.