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Home Technology Options Made Easy

Home Technology Experts is offering clients a new way to discover the elite technology available for upscale residences, with a new showroom in Southampton.

The center mimics the home installations of the company’s systems, incorporating the functionality of luxury technology into high-end décor.

Features in the crisp, modern space include products by Alexa, Control4, Lutron, Paradigm Persona, Samsung, Savant, Séura, Sonos, Sony, and more. With a goal of giving prospective clients and partners a resource to become more knowledgeable about home technology, the showroom was designed to emulate a home environment.

“We always felt that in order for our clients to truly understand all the available home technology options, they need to be able to experience it for themselves in a home-like environment,” said HTE president Alex Karoussos. “Our showroom emulates a typical home, complete with a full kitchen by Ciuffo Cabinetry, a dining room, living room, lounge and study. Each area features one or more different solutions that we have found to work well for our clients over the years.”

“In our lounge, we feature a Sonos surround system and a much higher end ‘true’ surround sound system,” Karoussos explained. “We did this so that our clients can get a better understanding of why it may or may not make sense to spend the extra money on a higher end system. It’s one of those things that you really need to hear for yourself to decide. We also feature very high-end invisible speakers that can be spackled and painted over so that they completely disappear into the room. Again, this concept is hard for most people to understand without hearing it for themselves.”

The showroom is located at 241 County Road 39A, Unit 4, in Southampton. It is open Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 4 PM, and on Saturday and Sunday by appointment from 11 AM to 4 PM.

For more information about the Home Technology Experts experience center and their residential, commercial, and system design services, call 631-771-3199 ext. 1. Find HTE online at,, and follow on Instagram and Twitter @hometechsny.