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Maida Srdanovic, Nestseekers

Courtesy Nestseekers.

Maida Srdanovic’s international experience has set her apart from the real estate pack, and it shows! The budding agent and University of Zagred graduate speaks a whopping four languages — Croatian, German, and Russian, in addition to her English, and, of course, the language of luxury real estate! Here, we get to know the woman herself.

Tell us about your background! What led you to the real estate world?

My background is related to project managing and construction, so through that I’ve been introduced to the real estate world many years ago. Even though I am still in my 20’s, I’ve been working and learning since my teenage days!

Coming from a family where parents are both entrepreneurs was always very inspirational for me. This is why I constantly set my goals very high, and besides my amazing job, I am currently in grad school working on getting my MBA in Finance.

How did you get your start within Nest Seekers?

It was an interesting beginning — I was recruited by Robert Canberg and his team and I am very happy I made this decision. Being a part of this amazing team and being surrounded by top producers can only make you better.

What is your signature touch when it comes to interacting with both buyers and sellers?

I find myself as a very persistent person but always careful with my clients’ feelings. I like to get everyone to the finish line and I’ve been trying to do my best to make all my sellers and buyers happy. My signature touch would definitely be my persistence and hard work!

Your Instagram is full of the amazing properties that you represent. How much has social media played a role in your work?

As we know, social media is very important today. Not only that is representing us in a specific way, but it is also helping us to build an image about ourselves without meeting us personally. Many people do that first when they meet you — they look you up on social media. For me it is pure fun and I enjoy sharing amazing details about the job that I love.

Are there any properties that have stood out to you during your time with Nest Seekers?

Most definitely! There have been many waterfront and amazing properties that we at the RC Group have in our portfolio, but for me personally, it will be the new construction home we are representing on 102 Dune Rd in Westhampton Beach. It is a 6000-sq-ft bay front residence with a private dock that is truly a masterpiece. I am also very excited about the European-style barn we are introducing to the Southampton Village this summer on 119 Magee Street. New construction gets me super excited!