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Melina Wein Of M. Wein Realty

Melina Wein by Jan Marie.

Specialization is the key to success for Melina Wein. While many agents focus their efforts on the same handful of luxe locales, Wein and her team of agents at M. Wein Realty Inc. have quickly risen to the top as the leading independent real estate agency on Shelter Island.

But it’s not just the beautiful homes that attracted her to this special place. It’s the fact that the island remains untapped and preserved for everyone to enjoy. We sat down with Melina Wein to hear all about her work and play in this often-unexplored corner of life out east.

What is your secret to conquering the Shelter Island scene?
I love everything about Shelter Island. I have lived here for 22 years, raised our children here, participated on community boards, and to this day continue to be involved in local activities. There is no one more enthusiastic than me about this island and all it offers.

More important, each agent at M. Wein Realty Inc. has lived on the island for more than 25 years. All agents have supported a variety of community organizations, including Sylvester Manor, Peconic Land Trust, Mashomack, Group for the East End, SI 10K Race, as well as served elected positions with the town, school, and library boards, as supervisor, PTSA president, and much more.

Several of us in our previous jobs were marketing experts.

We understand how to strategically market and sell property. Our placement in print and internet offers high visibility. Our island knowledge and relationships are essential to our high success record. We are the leading independent real estate agency on Shelter Island.

I wrote a book, The Shelter Island Comprehensive Guide, which was for sale throughout the East End of Long Island. The book is more than 200 pages long and depicts everything you want to know about the island — important events, dates, contact information, etc. Photographic scenes of the island are interspersed throughout. The book connects the real estate and the lifestyle of the island.

When grand homes come to market, how do you pitch to those homeowners?
I have had the privilege of representing and selling a majority of high-end waterfront properties on Shelter Island. My company, and the agents who work with me, have highly visible profiles and great client referrals, which have given us the opportunity to acquire new business.

Many times, we are clearly the first choice for the owner. Sometimes we are asked to present our capabilities versus bigger agencies. Many times, we come out winning the listing. Sellers benefit when working with us. As an independent agency, we specialize in selling Shelter Island real estate.

How did you get started in real estate?
I came to Shelter Island, thanks to my husband Marc, who owned a weekend house on Big Ram, part of Shelter Island. In 1996, we moved here permanently with our two young children, Everest and Shelter. I became involved in several community and school organizations. I love the island and its history. I had always worked and had wanted to start a business.

Real estate was a perfect fit in my new community. I worked for a short time for a local agency and as soon as I could get my broker’s license, I hung out my shingle. I knew with the introduction of the internet that sales and marketing would change dramatically. Technology would change the way that real estate was conducted on the island, and I wanted to be in the forefront. I felt with my previous experience in marketing and my interest in real estate and the island, I could establish a leading company.

What are some of the attractions of Shelter Island real estate?
Shelter Island was, and continues to be, a tranquil and bucolic community with one third of the island preserved, no traffic lights, no crowds or congestion. It offers great restaurants, two golf clubs, a yacht club, tennis center, fitness center, and Itzhak Perlman’s Music Center. The island boasts uniquely wonderful high-end properties on quality waterfronts, which you could never find on the South Fork at the same price.

Successful families value quiet and privacy more than ever. Shelter Island offers this more than any other area on the East End.

How do you leverage digital platforms to succeed?
We have two company websites:, purely real estate, and, a guide to the island and all it offers. We are present on MLS, Trulia, Zillow, and numerous other real estate websites, both nationally and internationally. We make sure that our company and listings rank high with the search engines.

How do you choose who is a part of the Melina Wein Realty Inc. team?
M. Wein Realty Inc. is a Shelter Island agency that prides itself on intimately knowing the island. Our agents are all mature, interesting, successful professionals.

Do you participate in any mentor/agent relationships? Any advice for rookies who look up to you?
We have been fortunate to have a wonderful group of agents. We bring on new people who are intelligent, have good values, and want to work hard. I have them shadow agents to learn the business and we keep an open dialogue so that they feel supported as they learn the business.

What do you do for fun when you are not selling luxury real estate?
I am an outdoors person and enjoy sharing time with family and friends — sailing, boating, swimming, clamming, tennis, biking, and hiking.